UOW BPT students in performance. Main character is gasping at camera, while other performers throw glitter over her

Audition basics

B Performance and Theatre (Acting)

Applying and auditioning

Applications to the Bachelor of Performance Theatre (Acting) are assessed based on academic results & an audition.

Register now for your audition

Before you book an audition, you must first apply for admission to the Bachelor of Performance and Theatre (Acting) degree. There are a variety of admission pathways. Choose the one that is best for you.

Early Admission

If you are completing Year 12 in Australia in 2023, as either a domestic or an international student, you can apply for Early Admission.

Applications open on 19 June 2023 and close at 5 pm, on 11 August 2023.

Direct entry

If you are not a school leaver, or you are an international applicant, you can apply directly to the University.

UAC entry

School leavers and non school leavers, who miss the Early Admission window, can also apply through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC).

  • The main offer round for school leavers is December Round 2, following the release of Year 12 results.
  • Non school leavers can receive offers in earlier rounds.

Offer rounds are held continuously up to March 2024 for late applicants and changes of preference. Be sure to apply by the deadlines.

Course transfer

UOW students wishing to transfer into the Bachelor of Performance and Theatre (Acting) should see the course transfer information page for further information


The outcome of your audition or interview will be communicated in response to your application for admission.

Additional auditions will be held on the 15 and 16 of January 2024. On-campus auditions are preferable, but if students cannot attend in person, an alternative audition will be organised. Register for an audition for additional information.

Audition bookings for the December auditions will open in November.

Students applying for the Acting major need to audition and present a memorised monologue. Please choose a monologue from the list provided.

Before you organise your audition, you must first apply for admission.

If you have questions about the audition process that are not answered on these pages, please contact auditions-taem@uow.edu.au.


Entry into the Bachelor of Performance and Theatre (Acting) is based on a combination of academic results and an audition.  
Entry to the Bachelor of Performance and Theatre (Theatre Making) is based on academic results only, no audition is required.
Early Admission Opens
Monday, 19 June 

Ace Your Audition Webinar 
Tuesday, 15 August 

Auditions to be held*
Saturday, 19 August 

Offers sent out
Week commencing Monday, 4 September

UAC Round 2 applications close
Thursday 9 November

UAC/Direct on-campus final auditions*
Wednesday, 13 December

UAC December Round 2 offers out
Thursday, 21 December

Additional Auditions
15-16 January 2024

*On-Campus is preferable, but if students cannot attend in person, please complete the audition registration form for further information about Zoom interviews.

Collaborating with creative talents

Working alongside creative talents sparks limitless potential, that leads to extraordinary accomplishments.

Dr Tim Maddock: I worked professionally as a director and a theatre designer for the best part of 25 years before I became an academic. The inspiration comes from teaching into a practice-based course where there's a strong reliance on theory, but really, essentially we're teaching people through real life practical experience. What we offer at Wollongong is a blend of traditional theatre practices and very contemporary theatre practices and everything we teach, we stay abreast of contemporary movements. 

Dr Catherine McKinnon: All our teachers in the performance discipline at UOW are practising artists, so they're all out there working, doing their own projects and in the industry, creating new works. When students come and begin this course at UOW, what I normally say to them is, we take you really seriously as artists. You create stories, and those stories actually are about creating our future and so [we] try to encourage them to take themselves really seriously, because we do.