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Our people

Academics and Staff

Dean of Law and Head of School

Professor Trish Mundy

Deputy Head of School

Dr Gabriel Garcia

Discipline Leader and Academic Program Director 

Niamh Kinchin

Clinical Legal Education and Professional Engagement

John Littrich

School Research Leader

Professor Nan Seuffert

First Year Coordinator

Dr Ryan Kernaghan

Head of Postgraduate Studies

Dr Lowell Bautista

Honours Coordinator

Dr Luis Gomez Romero

Head of Students

Dr Kylie Lingard
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Legal Intersections Research Centre Director

Professor Nan Seuffert

UOW Judge in Residence, the Hon Terry Buddin SC, joined the School of Law in July 2012. He served as a Justice of the Supreme Court of NSW from 2002 to 2012. Before retiring from the Supreme Court, Professor Buddin was widely regarded as one of the leading criminal lawyers on the Court, both as a trial judge and as a judge sitting on the Court of Criminal Appeal. He practised extensively in criminal law and related areas as both a solicitor and a barrister and co-authored a leading criminal law book that became the standard case book for students and practitioners. He took silk in 1996 and held the following statutory appointments: Director of Public Prosecutions (ACT), Senior Public Defender (NSW) and Crown Advocate (NSW).

More recently, he served as an Acting Judge of Appeal of the Supreme Court of Western Australia. In that capacity, he was part of a Bench which delivered judgment in one of that State’s most high profile murder cases.

Professor Buddin has taught at the Australian Advocacy Institute and since 2004 has been a presenter with the National Judicial Orientation Program (for new judges). He currently also serves as a Deputy President of the Mental Health Review Tribunal of NSW. He was Code of Conduct Commissioner for Cricket Australia from 1999 until 2013. Prior to that, he was Chairman of the Judiciary Committee for Cricket NSW.


Image: The Hon. Terry Buddin SC, UOW Judge in Residence © The West Australian


Casual staff

  • Harry Abelas
  • Adam Booker
  • Dr Keely Boom
  • David Boutros
  • Renee Brunero
  • Lachlan Bryant
  • Mike Devitt
  • Stephanie Dyball
  • Hayley Kelloway
  • Caroline Hamilton
  • Dr Grace Lin
  • Erin Lynch
  • Melea Mullard
  • Samantha Schier
  • Hugh Selby
  • Candice Visser
  • Dr Yucong Wang
  • Ray Willis

Alex Groot-Koerkamp
Manager (Acting), School of Law


Natalie Tuccia
Administrative Assistant

Melissa Pandevski
Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Honorary Professorial Fellows

Visiting Professorial Fellows

Honorary Principal Fellows

  • Dr Samuel Mullins

Honorary Professor

  • Dr Ashley Tsacalos

Honorary Senior Fellows

  • Elizabeth Ellis
  • Barbara Nicholson

Honorary Fellows

  • Abu Noman M Atahar Ali
  • Dr Afroza Begum
  • Dr Peter Blanchard
  • Michael Devitt
  • Dr Caroline Dick 
  • Professor Malcolm Farrier 
  • Dr James Goudkamp 
  • Dr Brett Heino 
  • Edward Muston
  • Dr Linda Steele

Visiting Fellows

  • Glenn Kolomeitz