Advisory and technical services

Advisory & technical services

ANCORS has a strong record as a provider of sophisticated and practical technical and advisory services in the fields of:

  • ocean governance and resource security
  • fisheries governance and sustainable development
  • marine conservation
  • marine dispute resolution, and
  • maritime crime prevention.

We bring together teams of specialist lawyers, political scientists, marine economists, geographers, marine biologists and social scientists to design, innovate and integrate ocean law, maritime management and marine policy.

ANCORS has built long term working relationships with numerous government departments and international agencies throughout the region.

We provide sophisticated and grounded technical and advisory services. Our expertise and capacity enables us to employ a multi-disciplinary approach to complex issues and bring to the subject a range of specialised perspectives.

Our staff:

  • chair international committees and working groups at treaty meetings
  • facilitate inter-governmental workshops
  • advise Ministerial meetings and national delegations, and
  • provide technical advice and support for numerous governments and international organisations.

As a partner to governments, NGOs, international agencies and industry we translate evidence into practice to offer practical solutions to global challenges, public policy and commercial endeavours.

If you would like to receive further information on our expertise and experience, please contact Prof. Stuart Kaye or A/Prof Quentin Hanich.