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Campus East is located in the beach-side suburb of Fairy Meadow, a 10 minute drive north of the main University of Wollongong campus. The Residence setting is comfortably spread across large grounds including a number of playing fields. Conveniently, Campus East is only a 5 minute walk to Fairy Meadow swim and surf beach, as well as local shopping, and eating outlets. Campus East houses 527 residents in self-catered accommodation. Students come from Australia and all over the world creating a supportive and fun community that is rich in diversity.

At Campus East we aim to develop and foster a sense of pride and inspire passion for our college. We do this by:

  • Obtaining Level 1 accreditation with UniCAN
  • Promoting a sense of community that encourages diversity, respect and consideration
  • Creating an atmosphere where unity and equality are embraced
  • Valuing and encouraging a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  • Providing a safe and supportive, living and learning environment that allows students to realise their academic ability and potential within a responsible social setting, which enables:
    • Personal growth
    • Formation of a diverse network of healthy and respectful friendships. 


Eating at Campus East

George Matchett dining room and café

The Dining Room is your go-to place to meet fellow residents for a coffee, have breakfast and lunch, grab snacks and drinks, or to choose from a range of take away meals.

Other options

Campus East’s beachside location is ideal for enjoying an outdoor lifestyle. Students can make the most of this by accessing the BBQs located at the rear of the games rooms.
There are a number of major supermarkets within walking distance of Campus East including Coles, Woolies and Aldi. The main CBD of Wollongong is a free 20 minute bus ride away.






4.5km to the main campus
Flexi catered and self catered rooms
Furnished rooms with shared bathrooms
All rooms have wifi access in 2018
44 week contract in 2018