Woolyungah Indigenous Centre

"My Future Matters" outreach programs

The University of Wollongong’s, Woolyungah Indigenous Centre, is delivering the ‘My Future Matters’ Program to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander High School students in years 7 to 12. Aiming to shape student’s awareness and aspirations of higher education and other post-school options.



Key information

In-school delivery

Term 1 - 2021: For years 11 & 12

Students will develop personalised after-school pathway plans involving career planning and exploration of possible post-school options.

Term 2 - 2021: For years 7 & 8

Students will participate in goal setting and faculty taster sessions to increase students’ awareness of future career options.

Term 2 - 2021: For years 9 & 10

Students will set goals related to study as well as participate in subject selection, taster sessions, and career planning activities.


On-campus experience

Term 4 - 2021: 

21 October - Years 7 & 8 UOW campus day 

22 October - Years 9, 10 & 11 UOW campus day 

UOW Faculty Sessions:
Experience what it is like to study at the University of Wollongong

TAFE NSW Session:
– Learn which course you could complete at TAFE and where they will take you in your future career

Cultural activities:
– Aboriginal cultural workshop
– Aboriginal guest speakers sharing their journey and careers




The My Future Matters programs will be working with high schools in the following regions:

  • Illawarra 
  • Liverpool & Campbelltown 
  • Shoalhaven 
  • Batemans Bay 
  • Bega 

“My Future Matters” Program

Objective: To develop Indigenous student’s knowledge and skills to increase their capacity to effectively navigate their post-school options with confidence.

The program will take a three-tiered approach which includes:

  • Discover your future (Year 7& 8): Students begin the conversation about future career options and explore possible post-school areas of interest via faculty-related activities.
  • Plan for your future (Year 9 & 10): Students continue the future career conversation and engage in a range of taster sessions with university and vocational options. Students also engage in subject selection sessions, goal setting, and career planning activities.
  • Make your future matter (Year 11 & 12): WIC staff with specialised experience will work closely with students to develop personalised after-school pathways plans (involving career planning, subject selection guidance, pathway options).

If you would like your child or your child's school to be involved please email your request to wic-ss@uow.edu.au