"My Future Matters" outreach programs

The University of Wollongong’s, Woolyungah Indigenous Centre, is delivering the ‘My Future Matters’ Program to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander High School students in years 7 to 12. Aiming to shape student’s awareness and aspirations of higher education and other post-school options.



Key information

In-school delivery

Term 1 - 2022: For years 11 & 12

Students will develop personalised after-school pathway plans involving career planning and exploration of possible post-school options.

Term 2 and 3 - 2022:

For years 7 & 8

Students will participate in goal setting and faculty taster sessions to increase students’ awareness of future career options.

For years 9 & 10

Students will set goals related to study as well as participate in subject selection, taster sessions, and career planning activities.


On-campus experience

Term 4 - 2022: 

For years 7 & 11

UOW Faculty Sessions:
Experience what it is like to study at the University of Wollongong

TAFE NSW Session:

  • Learn which course you could complete at TAFE and where they will take you in your future career

Cultural activities:

  • Aboriginal cultural workshop
  • Aboriginal guest speakers sharing their journey and careers




The My Future Matters programs will be working with high schools in the following regions:

  • Illawarra 
  • Liverpool & Campbelltown 
  • Shoalhaven 
  • Batemans Bay 
  • Bega 

“My Future Matters” Program

Objective: To develop Indigenous student’s knowledge and skills to increase their capacity to effectively navigate their post-school options with confidence.

The program will take a three-tiered approach which includes:

  • Discover your future (Year 7& 8): Students begin the conversation about future career options and explore possible post-school areas of interest via faculty-related activities.
  • Plan for your future (Year 9 & 10): Students continue the future career conversation and engage in a range of taster sessions with university and vocational options. Students also engage in subject selection sessions, goal setting, and career planning activities.
  • Make your future matter (Year 11 & 12): WIC staff with specialised experience will work closely with students to develop personalised after-school pathways plans (involving career planning, subject selection guidance, pathway options).

If you would like your child or your child's school to be involved please email your request to wic-ss@uow.edu.au