SafetyNet is the online system for recording hazard/incidents reports, safe work procedures and risk assessments at the University of Wollongong.


SafetyNet can be used to:

  • report incidents/hazards
  • complete risk assessment and safe work procedures
  • record workplace inspection corrective actions

Login to SafetyNet

To login to SafetyNet users are to use their UOW username (start of email) and their computer password details.

User assistance

Please see the SafetyNet User Guide or the videos below.

Test environment

The SafetyNet test environment exists to allow users to practice entering information for hazard and incident reports, risk assessments, safe work procedures, and workplace inspection hazards without saving into the live system. Once within the test environment, you can navigate across all web forms as desired.

Browser compatibility

SafetyNet was initially developed based on Internet Explorer 6. While it may function using other browsers, it is recommended to use the newest available version of Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge) for optimum performance.

Access issues

If you are having troubles accessing SafetyNet, try clearing your web browser cache. If this does not work, try opening a "new session" or use another browser.

Please note: New staff may encounter access issues (profile error). If this occurs please contact the WHS Unit on 4221 3931 or


Hazard and incident reports

This is a short instructional video designed to show students how to report WHS incidents in SafetyNet, UOW's online safety management system. The video follows a second year nursing student as he navigates his way through the incident reporting process. Staff follow a similar process.

Shaun is a second year nursing student who has been involved in a work health and safety incident whilst on a nursing placement. During the incident Shaun was verbally abused by a patient but wasn't physically injured.

Now he needs to report the incident in SafetyNet. SafetyNet can easily be accessed via the UOW Safe at Work website or through a simple google search. Simply enter your student details to log in then click on incident hazard.

  • First, fill out your details such as name, Faculty and School, then select which Unit or Division the incident is related to.
  • Next, select the occurrence type. Shaun was involved in an incident without injury that can be classified as a personal threat.
  • After that you need to provide a description of the incident and attach any relevant supporting documents such as a workplace incident report.
  • Next, complete the incident details section with the time and location of the incident. As you can see you can select off-campus which can be used for incidents that occur during study abroad programs and internships. Once you're done click Next.
  • Now you need to outline any factors that may have caused the incident to occur. At least one of these contributing factors must be selected then provide a brief description of what you think the cause of the incident was.
  • Next, complete the risk assessment section. Here you outline the possible consequence of this type of incident and the likelihood of the possible consequence happening. A possible consequence of this type of incident could require medical assistance, for example, Shaun could have an anxiety attack as a result of the incident and require medical treatment. Now let's look at likelihood how likely is it that the selected consequence could occur, for example, how likely is it that Shaun will have an anxiety attack as a result of the incident? It is possible that Shaun could have an anxiety attack.
  • When an incident is determined to be of a medium or high risk you need to provide a corrective action to reduce the risk of this incident occurring again. For Shaun's incident the best suited control type would be administration as more training and workplace supervision will help to reduce the likelihood of this type of incident occurring again. Once you have submitted this form your supervisor might suggest other corrective actions to put in place, so don't worry if you're unsure about your answers to these questions.
  • Now, all you need to do is submit your form.

If you've been involved in an incident but don't feel comfortable filling in an incident report in SafetyNet you can report an incident by talking to a trusted staff member, the safe and respectful communities team or the UOW sexual harassment and assault Hotline.

At UOW, your safety and well-being is our priority.

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