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SafetyNet is the online system for recording hazard/incidents reports, safe work procedures and risk assessments at the University of Wollongong.


SafetyNet can be used to:

  • report incidents/hazards
  • complete risk assessment and safe work procedures
  • record workplace inspection corrective actions

Login to SafetyNet

User assistance

Please see the SafetyNet User Guide or the videos below.

Test environment

The SafetyNet test environment exists to allow users to practice entering information for hazard and incident reports, risk assessments, safe work procedures, and workplace inspection hazards without saving into the live system. Once within the test environment, you can navigate across all web forms as desired.

Browser compatibility

SafetyNet was initially developed based on Internet Explorer 6. While it may function using other browsers, it is recommended to use the newest available version of Internet Explorer for optimum performance.

Access issues

If you are having troubles accessing SafetyNet, try clearing your web browser cache. If this does not work, try opening a "new session" following the instructions below.

Multiple window issue

Please avoid having multiple windows or tabs open when using SafetyNet as this can cause issues and in some instances will delete or duplicate existing files.

If multiple instances are needed then the user should open up a "New Session" instead via their browser (not a new tab, new window or right clicking on an existing browser tab on the task bar and opening a new window as that would still be considered as the same session).

Note: There could still be occasional database contention issues with this method.

Hazard and incident reports

Risk assessments