Services offered by MIND the GaP

MIND the GaP is committed to working together to improve the health for everyone in the Shoalhaven and beyond. We believe the key to delivering successful services is by engaging and listening to our communities first, so that we can better understand your needs. Your feedback will be valuable in helping to shape the services we deliver through MIND the GaP.

Community Consultation

We'd love to hear from you! MIND the GaP is committed to seeking input from the general public of the Shoalhaven region to help shape the design of services in the areas of:

  • suicide prevention
  • traumatic stress responses
  • and community resilience

Your awareness of local needs across these areas is important and your input will be valuable in how the services are developed and delivered. If you'd like to contribute please contact us

Community outreach

The MIND the GaP facility provides both therapeutic spaces, as well as a home for outreach into the community through programs such as online and school-based cognitive behaviour therapy and whole-of-school-based bullying prevention programs. If you would like to find out more about our outreach services please email our Project Manager.

Training future practitioners

The MIND the GaP facility will provide a physical space where psychology and health students can be trained in interdisciplinary holistic care of clients with mental health needs. This will be possible by the co-location of teaching facilities on the University’s Shoalhaven Campus along with the establishment of professional and community health and educational initiatives in the new facility.