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Clinical services

An holistic, person-centred care approach to mental health is the key to better health and wellbeing outcomes overall.

We believe that access to affordable, interdisciplinary services is a key component to improving mental health and wellbeing. Therefore, most services at MIND the GaP are bulk billed, with clients not being charged any out-of-pocket fees for services.  

MIND the GaP encourages external Allied Health Professionals to work out of this space; these professionals may require a gap fee for some Medicare items.

MIND the GaP currently offers psychological services for people experiencing mild to moderate mental health concerns including anxiety, depression, grief, and loss. Clients may work with Provisional Psychologists who are undertaking advanced postgraduate study in Clinical Psychology including Masters and Doctoral degrees. Provisional Psychologists work under supervision of a Board Approved Registered Psychologist. 

Referral Pathway: Clients will require a Mental Health Care Plan from their GP to access services.

The CCCK Program is designed to help participants become more confident, mindful, and consistent in their parenting and create positive and cooperative relationships with their children.

The CCCK program is facilitated by Northfields Clinic (UOW) at MIND the GaP for the Shoalhaven community. 

Program details:

  • For parents/carers of children aged 3-11 years;
  • Program runs for 9 weeks (2 hours each week);
  • Groups are held during the day;
  • Parents/Carers need to attend a pre-group meeting, and are expected to attend each session;
  • Children do not attend the program and childcare is not provided;
  • Program is free for the Shoalhaven community. 

Program goals:

CCCK helps you as parents and carers to:

  • Get in touch with what is most important in the relationship with your child;
  • Recognise and identify your child’s individual temperate and needs;
  • Strengthen the parent-child.

 Fine tune responses to your child’s behaviour through:

  • Mindful play, positive engagement and other activities;
  • Effective praise and rewards when reinforcing appropriate behaviour;
  • Effective instructions and household rules and routines when setting necessary limits and boundaries on behaviour;
  • Use of preventative strategies that limit the causes of misbehaviour (e.g. planning ahead, ignoring and managing emotions);
  • Consistent responses to misbehaviour. 


Problem behaviours:

Children often express their feelings through their behaviour.

Problem behaviours are shown by most, if not all, children from time to time. Some children display more severe problem behaviours that significantly interfere with how they get along with their family, friends and schoolwork.

Common Problem Behaviours include:

  • Losing temper easily;
  • Arguing with adults;
  • Disobedience;
  • Deliberately annoying others;
  • Blaming others for own mistakes;
  • Being easily irritated by others;
  • Holding grudges;
  • Saying hurtful

Register your interest 

Register online: CCCK Enquiry form

Contact MIND the Gap Reception on 02 4429 1599 for more information.

Note: CCCK Workshops will be offered in the second half of the year pending community demand.    

Mindfulness is a powerful tool to cope with life’s stresses. We offer a 4-session mindfulness workshop to learn and practice mindfulness, which can be used in the everyday to improve your mental wellbeing.

The current program is fortnightly from 1.30pm-2.30pm alternate Wednesdays commencing 27 March, 2024. 

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It is our long-term goal to have a wide range of interdisciplinary health and wellbeing services located at MIND the GaP including, but not limited to, exercise physiology, GPs, nursing, nutrition and dietetics, psychology, and social work. Further information on the services offered and how to access them will be released when they become available.