Curriculum Transformation


Curriculum Transformation at UOW is an ambitious institution-wide plan to build on and enhance UOW’s reputation for top quality learning and teaching. It aims to transform student learning to maximise student success.

Curriculum transformation focuses on

  • what we teach,
  • how we teach,
  • how we assess learning and support students, and
  • how we build services for maximum educational advantage.

It places the 'quality cycle' at the centre of this process and supports staff in curriculum development and innovative teaching practice.

It optimises the curriculum as a framework for student learning and experience rather than as simply an organising framework for disciplinary knowledge. The curriculum transformation's holistic review and renewal of UOW curriculum includes:

  • Ensuring assessment of learning is proportionate, aligned and balanced;
  • Ensuring all regulatory requirements, particularly the Higher Education Standards Framework, are being met;
  • Continually improving practice through evaluation, including the adoption of learning analytics;
  • Extending existing UOW good practice by transforming our leading-edge practices into systematically applied subject and course design principles;
  • Ensuring workforce capacity, capability and working patterns are aligned with change and innovation;
  • Supporting staff to adjust and develop their course development, delivery and assessment practices by a flexible, fit-for-purpose Continuing Professional Development offer;
  • Seeding and enabling the next generation of innovative curriculum design, delivery and assessment practice.

UOW Curriculum Model

A comprehensive approach that optimises the curriculum as a structure for student learning and experience rather than as simply an organising framework for disciplinary knowledge.

Curriculum themes, principles and practices

Assessment & Feedback Principles

A framework for assessment and feedback practice in all University of Wollongong degrees at both subject and course level.

Assessment & Feedback Principles