Student Career Development & Employability Strategy & Plan

Student Career Development & Employability strategy & plan (SCD&E)

The strategy's vision is to be recognised as a leader in the field of employability initiatives which transform the lives of our graduates and our communities.

Its mission is to develop a career ready culture with a shared responsibility across UOW, where career development and employability practices are embedded and integrated throughout the learning experience, contributing to graduate success and lifelong learning.

Student Career Development & Employability Strategy

Strategic Goal 1 – Design and integrate learning, teaching & curriculum activities to support the SCDE Strategy

  • All students will have access to multiple opportunities for real world learning scaffolded throughout the learning experience
  • Experiential learning (which includes: work integrated learning; service learning; practice based learning; and work related learning) will be informed by career development learning principles and frameworks.
  • Technology will enhance experiential learning through purpose built platforms which leverage the Learning Management System to monitor and assess student progress with student, university and host employer input <
  • Students in experiential learning will be provided with the opportunity to engage in research with and for the community
  • Enterprise learning will be fostered across the learning experience
  • An outbound and inbound strategy will be established and implemented to provide opportunities in international contexts
  • UOW suppliers will be leveraged to provide access to workplace experiences for under-represented groups
  • On campus research and funded projects to be used for student access to paid employment, and off campus settings targeted for paid and unpaid workplace experiences
  • DVCE strategic projects (Curriculum Transformation Project, Co-Curricular) will be integrated and aligned with the design, consultation and delivery of the SCDE Strategy for mutual benefit

Enabling Plans

Community engagement & communications

  • Establish a simpler UOW wide mechanism for community and industry engagement focused on employability strategies across UOW.
  • Promote reciprocity with all UOW community and industry engagement partners


  • Technology assures and enhances the learning process – for the student, host and university faculty/unit engaged in work-integrated & experiential learning.
  • Technology facilitates industry feedback loops to Subject/Course Coordinators to inform curriculum enhancements

Staff development & resourcing

  • Establish a UOW wide community of practice around work-integrated & experiential learning, career development & employability?
  • Technology supports the collection and collation of academic and professional staff engagement in scholarship activities in work-Integrated & experiential learning - to report on evidence and impact
  • Academics are recognised for engaged activity via wider university staff development processes for performance and promotion
  • Create a culture of staff awareness and interest in developments in industries of relevance to their discipline