Academic Integrity Officers

The Academic Integrity Officer (AIO) plays a crucial role in maintaining the principle of academic integrity at UOW as outlined in the Academic Integrity Policy, and help to ensure that allegations of academic misconduct are responded to appropriately. AIOs help to give effect UOW’s Strategic Goal, ‘Learning and the Student Experience’, specifically through goal 2.6 “Ensure that academic quality, standards and academic integrity are embedded in what we do as an ethos of continual enhancement through fit-for-purpose policies and efficient practices and processes”.

The role also assists UOW to meet its obligations, under the Higher Education Standards (Threshold Standards) 2015, through promoting and upholding the academic integrity of courses and units of study; addressing allegations of academic misconduct; and assisting with education to generate preventative action to manage the risk of breaches of academic integrity. AIOs are responsible for providing advice to Subject Coordinators on how to conduct investigations, making determinations on the findings and outcomes of investigations and for actioning low-level outcomes arising from findings of academic misconduct where appropriate within their Faculty. They will undertake duties as described in the Academic Misconduct (Coursework) Procedure. There are a number of AIOs in each Faculty, usually two per School.