UOW Living - Accommodation Services


UOW Living will excel at providing diverse housing options, and be recognised for enriching the UOW experience.


We offer supportive, secure and sustainable residential communities and advice on housing alternatives.


  • Support University enrolment and retention strategies by providing affordable student residence living opportunities for at least 10% of students in the Wollongong area.
  • Develop University residence properties that provide an encouraging environment that cultivates the Attributes of a Wollongong Graduate in its residents
  • Provide a welcoming, safe and sensitive environment to diverse cultures in residence and local community
  • Expand the services and facilities within residence properties that attracts students and encourage participation in the UOW education experience
  • Ensure effective financial stewardship and accountability
  • Foster a climate of environmental knowledge and responsibility

By living in one of the student residences you will benefit from an environment committed to providing high academic achievement, involvement, development and fun. The convenient locations, the professional staff, the community environment and the many social, cultural and sporting events that are held all add to the vibrant atmosphere of UOW Living. Rarely will you have the chance to live in a community that has people from so many walks of life and countries.

Last reviewed: 27 November, 2013