Reconciliation Action Plan

UOW Reconciliation Action Plan 2022


UOW commenced our Reconciliation Action Plan journey in 2019 with the launch of our first Innovate RAP. Through the implementation of our inaugural RAP we have been able to build upon our solid foundation that enables us to drive reconciliation. We aim to equip our staff and students with educational armour around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters that helps create a shift in the movement from being “safe” to being “courageous”.

We hope that our staff and students will embody their new-found awareness and hold a voice around inclusivity, collaboration, and connectedness in places and spaces where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s voices may be limited. We will aim to provide learning, teaching, and working environments free from racism and discrimination and embrace a united approach to equality and inclusiveness. Our practices will be consistent with the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Here at UOW we are cognisant of our institutional integrity as a leading voice for reconciliation in our regions.

UOW's Reconciliation Action Plan implementation is managed by Tammy Small.

UOW Reconciliation Action Plan

RAP artwork - Kulcha and the wider community

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