Reconciliation Action Plan


The UOW’s inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) aims to inspire institutional, systemic and cultural change through a process of learning, exchange and growth. The UOW RAP 2019-2021 will establish the UOW as a space where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges, cultures and values are respected, and are reflected in our teachings and the attributes of all our graduates.

Our approach to reconciliation will be distinguished by our unique and authentic cultural connections to Community, and our relationship with our place and space. We will enhance and develop our ways of learning from and engaging with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Communities and cultures. We will create new opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, staff, Communities and businesses to connect, participate and grow through genuine and productive relationships with UOW. We will develop new learning exchanges to enhance the profile of and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures.

UOW's Reconciliation Action Plan implementation is managed by Tammy Small.

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