Technical Services

The Technical Services team consists of permanent and casual staff with technical expertise across a range of areas. The key functions of the team include:

  • supporting teaching and learning
  • maintaining equipment
  • maintaining and developing specialist facilities including visual arts studios, theatres, recording and broadcast studios
  • training students in the safe and effective use of technical resources and facilities
  • providing an equipment loans service for students 

The team aims to equip students with the technical skills and knowledge necessary to realise their ideas and fulfil their creative potential, enabling them to become successful graduates of the School of the Arts, English and Media (TAEM).

Equipment loans and studio bookings

Equipment loans and room/studio bookings are managed via the loans counter. Students enrolled in TAEM subjects are able to borrow a range of equipment including (but not limited to):

  • digital and analogue cameras
  • audio recorders
  • video field kits
  • Wacom tablets 

For more information about booking a room or loaning equipment, please refer to the FAQs below.

Contact us

Phone: (02) 4221 5599
Location: Building 29, level 2, room 20

Photography Loans: Building 25, Level 1, Room 164



Who can loan equipment?

Only students enrolled in TAEM subjects can borrow equipment from the loans counter. 

When is the loans counter open and where is it located? 

The loans counter is open from 8.30am – 4:30pm during Spring and Autumn session teaching weeks. Opening hours may vary outside these weeks, eg. during recess weeks, study weeks, exams, and summer session.  The digital signage next to the loans counter will advise current opening times.

The counter is located in Building 29, Level 2, room 203.

How do I make a booking?

Bookings can only be made in person or by emailing TAEM Technical Support. Bookings cannot be made over the phone.

What do I need to bring to loan equipment?

You will need to present your student card to loan equipment. First time borrowers will also be required to sign a Loans Agreement Form or via QR code at the loans counter.

Please note: Photography loans are not operated from building 29.

The loans counter for photography is located in Building 25, level 1, room 164

This counter is open between 10.00am – 10.45am and 3.00pm – 3.45pm.

If you wish to make a booking outside of these times, please email Tom Williams or TAEM Technical Support to arrange an alternative time.

Can I use the music recording studios, music editing suites and rehearsal rooms?

The music recording studios, music editing suites and rehearsal rooms are specialised spaces. Only students who are undertaking specific music subjects and have undergone an induction can use these spaces.

Are there any rehearsal spaces I can use if I'm not enrolled in music?

No, unfortunately there are no rehearsal spaces available to students not enrolled in music.

When can I use these spaces and for how long?

Students enrolled in a subject that utilises the music recording studios are assigned a weekly two (2) hour slot during class times between 8.30am and 4.30pm. Times outside these hours may be available in consultation with Technical Staff.

The music recording studios, editing suites and rehearsal rooms can be booked for a maximum of two (2) hours per booking.

How do I book these spaces?

Visit the loans counter during opening hours or email TAEM Technical Support

Can I use the video edit suites and radio studio?

Only students studying a Communication and Media (BCM) or Journalism subject can use these spaces.

When can I use these spaces and for how long?

Students can use the radio studio and video edit suites on Monday - Friday, between 8:30am to 4:30pm. Times outside these hours may be available in consultation with Technical Staff.

Radio studio and video edit suites can be booked for a maximum of three (3) hours per booking.

How do I book these spaces?

Visit the loans counter during opening hours or email TAEM Technical Support.

Technical team

Hall Murray
School Operations Coordinator, 

Glenn Alexander
Technical Officer, Digital Media

Orlando Norrish
Technical Officer, Visual Arts - Sculpture

Alistair Davies
Technical Officer, Performance and Theatre

Aaron Hull
Technical Officer, Audio Production

Anna Jones
Technical Officer, Communications and Media

Stacie Sims
Technical Officer, Visual Arts - Textiles and Printmaking

Tom Williams
Technical Officer, Photography

Matthew Crawford
Technical Administrator, Loans Counter

For equipment loans, studio and edit suite bookings
P: 02 4221 5599