Geographical research has never been more important in a context of contemporary societal and environmental problems. The School of Geography and Sustainable Communities at the University of Wollongong has an international reputation for undertaking world-class research.

The research conducted in the School aims to support public policy design and better decision making through a range of knowledge exchange and community engagement activities.


Postgraduate Research

Higher Degree Research (HDR) in Geography offers multiple opportunities to build new knowledge and understandings of the complex relations between people, society and environments. HDR students are an integral part of the School and of our research.

HDR Resources and information

Geography at UOW - Lance Barrie 

My research looks at the lived experience of road cycling in Wollongong. I'm interested particularly in the technology around cycling and also some of the well-being aspects that come along with cycling. 

My name is Lance Barrie I'm a PhD candidate in the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities.

 I'd really love to see my research make a difference, I think it lends itself to working towards policy change, and making safer environments for people who cycle. What drew me to Wollongong was it's a great place to study, there are world leading experts here in human geography which makes it an easy place to study and learn from the best. 

If you're thinking about studying at UOW I think the best bit of advice I can give is around finding what your passion is, finding what drives you and what questions are sort of constantly ticking over in your head there's probably going to be someone here at UOW that can help answer those questions



Our research

Our research is conducted through the Australian Centre for Culture, Environment, Society & Spaces (ACCESS).

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