In signing the Sponsored Students section of the Acceptance Agreement, I confirm that I have read, understand, and agree to the terms below in relation to my enrolment at the University of Wollongong or UOW College. Please also read the Privacy Disclosure and Consent Statement before signing your Acceptance Agreement.

1. If the payment for my course is made by a sponsor (a third party paying my tuition fees or nominated by me as my sponsor), I agree to the release of all information to my sponsor regarding my application and subsequent enrolment at the University of Wollongong (“University”) and/or UOW College (“College”) including my subject results, progress reports, and enrolment details.

2. I understand that this applies for any period of time that I remain sponsored. This will normally be for the period covered by the financial guarantee between the sponsor and the University/College unless the University or the College is advised in writing by the sponsor that my sponsorship has ceased.

3. I understand that if I am granted a visa other than a student visa, or I cease to be an international student by reason of my change of visa status that:

(a) The University/College will either:

i. bill my sponsor for the fees applicable to holders of that new visa or status; OR

ii. cease to bill the sponsor for tuition and other fees, as prescribed either in the University’s contract with the sponsor, or as provided for under Australian or New South Wales law;

(b) As a result of the University/College taking the action as referred to in 3(a) above that my sponsor may deduce that my visa status has changed; and

(c) I will be personally liable for the payment of fees from the effective date of change, and agree to be bound by Australian government and the University/ College student obligations and requirements as the holder of another visa class or status.

3. I acknowledge that I am responsible for managing my own relationship with my sponsor, and the University/College accept no responsibility for this relationship and are not party to any agreement I may have signed with my sponsor.

4. I agree that I must not make any variation to my enrolment or period of study without first seeking approval in advance from my sponsor.

5. I understand that if my studies extend beyond the period covered by the original financial guarantee between my sponsor and the University/College and my sponsor declines to extend my sponsorship to continue to cover the costs of my studies (including tuition fee payments and/or living expense support) that I will be liable to pay these costs.

6. I understand that all tuition fees must be paid by the due date of the invoice for each session of study, and that failure by my sponsor to make payment by the required date may result in the suspension or termination of enrolment in my course.

7. I understand that, in the event that my sponsor or I are unable to pay for my tuition or living expenses in Australia for myself or my dependants, that neither the University nor the College are obligated to provide any financial assistance, including in the form of a loan, tuition fee waiver (partial or whole), tuition fee deferral or living expense support.

8. I understand that if the fees are not paid by the due date that until all fees due to the University of Wollongong or UOW College are paid in full, I will be not be eligible to:

  • enrol in further sessions in my current course of study
  • undertake a further course of study at either the University or College
  • receive a letter of completion
  • graduate from the University or College.