Youth Frontiers Volunteer Mentor

Activity overview

Please Note: this volunteering is with an external community organisation that UOWx has a partnership with. Please contact once you have been accepted into this role and UOWx will add you to the Moodle site so you can commence claiming your hours.

How is this program run?

This program is run in-person.

What will I do?

Youth Frontiers is a one-to-one mentoring program where participating young people build a genuine and supportive relationship with their mentor. Youth Frontiers Volunteer Mentors are matched with young women and gender diverse people aged 10-17 who have been in contact with youth justice and child protection systems. The program supports young people to develop their interpersonal skills, self-esteem and resilience, ultimately reducing their risk of future contact with the justice system.

Mentors guide mentees on their journey to becoming adults, assisting with improved confidence, independence and connection with community. The program encourages personal development, new experiences and opportunities for mentees and their mentors through regular social and recreational activities. As a mentor, you will be part of a community that support young women developing skills in leadership and you will collaborate to help young people achieve their goals.

How will I benefit?

As a mentor you will develop skills in:

  • Goal setting
  • Collaboration
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership
  • Community-mindedness
  • Social and interpersonal
  • Empathy
  • Resilience
  • Active Listening
  • Emotional Intelligence

How do I apply?

Apply to become a mentor.

Are there any special requirements for this role?

YWCA are seeking female and gender diverse mentors aged 18+, living in the Illawarra region.

This position requires the volunteer to comply with the organisation’s Child Protection Policy. The volunteer must satisfactorily complete a Working With Children Check, a National Police Check, and International Police Check (if applicable) prior to commencing this role.

No prior experience required.

Minimum requirements for UOWx recognition

To receive UOWx Recognition for volunteering with a community partner, you will need to email to let us know you are enrolled as a volunteer. You will be provided with instructions about how to log your hours for this role.

To have this activity added to your UOWx Record, you must complete the following:

  • An ‘engaged’ student will need to be complete 30 hours over a calendar year
  • A ‘highly engaged’ student will need to complete 52 hours over a calendar year


Further information

To find out more, follow the link.

Where? When? Time commitment Type Learning Streams
  • Wollongong
  • Autumn Session
  • Spring Session
  • Trimester 1
  • Trimester 2
  • Trimester 3
  • Winter
Minimum of 1 hour a week.
  • External Volunteer
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Community and Social Change
  • Global and Cultural Awareness
  • Leadership
  • Mentoring and Wellbeing