Subject outline

This resource will explain subject outlines and what they are used for.

What Is A Subject Outline?

A subject outline is a document that highlights all the important information of a subject, such as the details of your lecturer and coordinators, their contact details and consultation times, learning outcomes, weekly readings and activities, assessment tasks and criteria and referencing style. Think of it as a contract for what you can expect from the subject, and for what your subject coordinator expects of you.

Each subject you complete at UOW will have a subject outline.

Why are subject outlines useful?

Reading through your subject outline can assist you with staying organised and on top of your workload.

Once you have read through your subject outline, you will have an idea of how much time to assign to each assessment task, the minimum requirements to pass the subject, and what to expect each week.

Comprehending the subject outlines for all your subjects will ensure you have a good idea of how to manage your time for the semester.

How do I find a subject outline?

You can find the subject outline in your subject’s Moodle site. If you can’t find it, contact your subject coordinator to request a copy.

What Is In Your Subject Outline?

Each faculty or schools’ subject outline would look slightly different but they all contain information listed below.

Teaching Staff Details

This section will outline who your teaching staff are, and how to contact them. It typically includes:

  • details of your lecturers and/or coordinators
  • how to contact them (via email or telephone); and
  • your subject coordinator’s consultation times and location.

Subject resources and material

This section outlines the materials and resources that are important for you to successfully complete the subject. It typically lists:

  • the required readings for the subject; and
  • any recommended readings and/or other materials.

Note: Your readings can usually be accessed through Subject readings on your Moodle site.

Subject assessment tasks

This section highlights the types and amount of assessment tasks that students are required to complete for the subject, as well as the necessary information for each tasks. For each assessment task, it typically lists:

  • the due date
  • the required format, including how many words are required and how it is presented
  • the weight as a percentage of your total mark for the subject (i.e., 10%, 50%)
  • how to submit the task, including whether you have to submit a hard copy or online; and
  • the marking criteria.

Weekly outline

This section will lay out the topics of the subject, week by week. For each week, it typically lists:

  • the lecture topic and a short description
  • the tutorial/seminar/practice topic and a short description, as well as any tasks that will have to be completed; and
  • any assessment tasks that are due.

Subject policies

Your subject outline contains several specific subject and/or University policies, for example the:

  • University’s Academic Integrity Policy
  • submission, receipt, and collection of assessment tasks, and the repercussions of submitting assessments late
  • supplementary examinations
  • minimum performance requirements (i.e., attendance, final exam performance, etc.); and
  • required referencing style for the subject.