Whilst you are away

Whilst you are Away

Health and safety

It is important that you take care of yourself while you overseas.

  • Remember that you are subject to the laws and customs of your host country and University.
  • If you plan to travel make sure you let a trusted friend know where you will be and when you are expected back. Use your common sense and be alert to situations that may be dangerous.
  • Find out if your host University has a security office and familiarise yourself with the services they provide, for example safety escorts after dark.
  • If things do go wrong, remember that we are here to help. Keep your emergency contact card with you at all times. We are only a phone call or email away.
  • Know and understand your rights and responsibilities under the PSEAH (Preventing Sexual Exploitation, Abuse and Harassment) and Child Protection policies.

Being an ambassador

While you are on exchange remember that you are representing not only Australia, but also UOW! You may be the first Australian some students have spoken to and it is important to represent us proudly. Be prepared to people to ask you a LOT of questions and to have to explain things that may seem second nature to you.

Remember, meeting you may be the greatest influence on someone’s decision to visit and study in Australia.

If someone wants to find out more about UOW there are many ways they can connect with us-

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
  • Watch our videos on YouTube
  • Check out our website
  • Contact the Office of Global Student Mobility

Staying connected with UOW

We love to keep up with all of your adventures while you are away! Tag us in your posts on Instagram and Facebook for the chance to be feature on our page.

The Office of Global Student Mobility team is here to help you throughout your program. You can contact us by phone or email with any questions that come up while you are overseas.

Culture shock

You will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in your host countries culture and build your cultural intelligence. It is common for students to experience varying degrees of culture shock when first arriving in their host country. Often it occurs when you expectations of how things should be are not met for things such as classroom behaviour, social attitudes, accommodation standards and administrative processes.

Some tips to help you combat culture shock include-

  • Researching your host University and country before you depart
  • Attend any orientation sessions at your host University
  • Join in social events to make friends with local students
  • Make some of your favourite foods from home

If you continue to experience negative feelings reach out to a professional at your host University, or contact our office for assistance. 

Getting involved at your host university

To get the most out of your experience we recommend getting involved at your Host University! Ways to go about this include-

  • Live on campus where this is an option. You will have a readymade support network and a large network of friends
  • Attend social events on campus
  • Join student clubs and societies. Just like at UOW most universities have a wide variety of groups you can join where you can connect with like-minded students.
  • Consider volunteering opportunities where available.
  • Take advantage of support services including study groups and wellbeing services to ensure you stay on track with your studies

We guarantee that your time on exchange will fly by so make sure you make the most of the opportunities available to you!