UOW Overseas

Where can I go?

With a strong global presence you have an opportunity to study for a semester at one of UOW's vibrant overseas teaching teaching locations in Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore or Hong Kong.

Why study at UOW Overseas


Why study at UOW Overseas?

  • Study the same UOW subjects
  • Gain a global perspective and strong cross-cultural communication and leadership skills highly valued by employers.
  • Continue your studies at one of the most international universities and globally rated in the top 1% for the quality of our graduates.
  • Develop networks and lifelong friendships.

Where can I study?

Depending on your discipline and major, you can go on exchange to one of our overseas campuses or teaching partners. The University of Wollongong offers degrees in a number of countries including the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia.

What UOW degrees are taught overseas?

The most up-to-date listing of UOW degrees taught at each partner institution can be found by visiting:

Is it difficult to have subjects approved in advance to study in a UOW program overseas?

  • No, because you will be taking UOW subjects in these locations. You can simply go to the subject database and see which sessions your subject is offered at the relevant overseas campus. Note that some campuses offer programs on a trimester basis rather than a semester basis.
  • The advantage for students in their second, third or later years of study is that you can take subjects which may be hard to match at other universities overseas.
  • You will still need to complete a credit for prior learning exchange program form.

How does it work?

  • It works like exchange at any other university overseas.
  • You require a credit average to participate, you need to go through the exchange application process and are eligible for travel grants.
  • You continue to pay HECS charges for the subjects you study at the same rate you would if you were taking these in Australia.
  • On your transcript the session will be shown as the campus session in which you studied. However, unlike other exchange, you will also receive a WAM for the subjects you took at the relevant campus.

Why would I want to go overseas and study UOW subjects?

  • Some students assume that the experience of studying at a UOW campus overseas is too much like staying at home.
  • In fact, your experience at an overseas campus will be as different as if you had chosen an international partner university – without the hassle of getting equivalent subjects approved.
  • You will be studying in a vibrant international city, highly ethnically diverse, in terms of the students in the program as well as in the host city.
  • You will have access to extra-curricular experiences which are different to those available at UOW in Australia – especially the close industry and business links with our overseas partners.
  • You will also have access to support services and campus facilities at each partner institution.