Australasian National Centre

PASS Supervisor Training 2018

Since 2005, the UOW PASS Program has also been accredited by the International Center for Supplemental Instruction (SI), UMKC as the National Centre for PASS/SI in Australasia. Hundreds of staff from dozens of institutions around the Australasian region have benefited from training and assistance delivered by PASS@UOW. A full list of institutions with staff trained by the National Centre is available here.

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Australasian Peer Leader Awards

The Austalasian Peer Leader Awards are presented to recognise excellence among leaders in the Australasian region. They are presented annually at the PASS National Forum.

*PASS is a service mark of The University of Missouri-Kansas City and is extended to The University of Wollongong as the PASS/SI National Centre.


Last reviewed: 9 January, 2019