Online enrolment FAQ

Online enrolment frequently asked questions

At UOW we're here to make your enrolment as easy as possible, so we've compiled a list of common issues students encounter when completing their enrolment through our online system.

Enrolment help information for offshore students:

  • Personal details tab: please check carefully that all personal details are correct. Visa type does not apply to offshore students.
  • Survey tab: is a requirement of the Australian government that informs institutional decision making and reporting. Students are encouraged to complete this survey at the time of enrolment, however, may update later in SOLS.
  • Photo tab: you do not need to upload a photo, so you can skip this step. Your photo will be taken by partner staff on enrolment day.
  • HELP Loan/SA Loan tab: you will notice that this tab has already been ticked. You do not need to do anything here and can skip the tab.
  • Any questions: please speak with an onsite staff member if you have any questions about the enrolment process.

General information covered on this page

General enrolment issues

Enrolment Jargon Buster
At UOW you'll hear a lot of jargon, so we've compiled a list of some of the more common terminology you will encounter:

  • SOLS: Our online student administration system. You'll be using SOLS a lot while you are at UOW. Find out more about SOLS.
  • UOWmail: Your UOWmail account is yours while you are an enrolled student at UOW. It gives you email along with a variety of additional benefits such as OneDrive, MS Ofice on up to 5 devices and more. Find out more about UOWmail.
  • Moodle: Our online learning platform. You can access this through SOLS.

When should I enrol?
Where possible, you will attend the Orientation session as advised by the partner institution. You should have enrolled in your subjects before the commencement of the semester. 

Why do some screens have a tick?
Each time you complete a screen you'll see a little tick appear in the navigation panel, a little warning sign will show you that you still have things to do. Make sure all the screens have a tick before moving on!

Are all the screens compulsory?
Aside from the photo upload, you will need to complete all of the screens in the enrolment system before you are officially enrolled as a UOW student.

How do I know that I've completed my enrolment?
Your enrolment will be complete once you have emailed yourself your enrolment summary on the final screen.

I've completed my enrolment but want to log back into the system, what do I do?
Once you have emailed your enrolment summary to your email address, you won't be able to log back into the enrolment system. Don't worry though; you can make a variety of changes (including changing your subject enrolment or billing type) through SOLS.

I've enrolled, what do I do now?
After you've enrolled in your course and subjects, you'll need to also enrol in your classes (tutorials, practicals and/or seminars). Please refer to your student handbook for more information.


How do I login for the first time?
The first time you login, you’ll need to use your UOW Student ID and date of birth. Your UOW Student ID will have been sent to you in your enrolment emails.

I’m having problems accessing the system, what do I do?
There are a couple of things that can prevent you from accessing the enrolment system. Check the following are all correct:

  1. Make sure you are using the student number that was sent to you in your enrolment email.

  2. Check that your date of birth or other details you entered are correct.

If these are all correct, speak to the onsite staff who will be able to assist you.

Conditional Offers: If you have a conditional offer, you won’t be able to access the system until the condition is cleared. Speak with an onsite staff member who will be able to help you.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my username and password?
If you have already created your user account through the online system, you’ll be able to reset your password or recover your username online.

User account

What is my username used for?
Your username will be used to access all of our systems at UOW, so make sure that you keep your username and password confidential.

Can I change my username?
Unless there are significant and compelling grounds, you won’t be able to change your username.

Why do I need to enter recovery information?
Recovery information will help you reset your password should you forget it.

Make sure you enter an email address which you will have personal access to during university (not an agent or your school email address).

Personal details

What do I do if my details are incorrect?
If your details are incorrect speak with an onsite staff member who will be able to advise you how to change these details.

My visa details aren't showing up on the personal details screen - is this a problem?
Our enrolment system will not always display your visa information so don’t worry if it is showing ‘Not Applicable’.

Do I have to provide an emergency contact, and if so, who should they be?
It is important that you provide the University with someone to contact in the unlikely case that something happens to you while on campus.

Your emergency contact can be anyone who you trust to respond to a situation. Common emergency contacts include family or friends.

What is the difference between Current Session and Permanent Home Address?
You have to provide the University with two addresses, the one where you will be living during semester (current session address) and your home address, so we can contact you out of session or when your course finishes. Don’t worry if the two addresses are the same, you’ll be able to copy them across at the click of a button!

If your details change at any time, you’ll be able to update your address through SOLS.


What is the survey and why do I have to do it?
The enrolment survey is an Australian government mandated questionnaire that informs institutional decision making and reporting. It is important that you answer questions honestly, as your responses will contribute to planning for support services.

What happens if I don’t know the answer to some of the questions?
Don’t worry - you’ll be able to update answers later in SOLS.

Photo upload

Do I have to upload a photo?
You may skip through this screen as your photo will be taken by partner staff on or prior to, enrolment day. This will be used for your UOW student ID card.

Selecting an offer

I have multiple offers, what do I do?
Select the offer for the degree that you want to enrol in. This will automatically update our enrolment system which will show you as having activated your enrolment for this offer.

I’m unable to select an offer, what do I do?
Most of the time, the enrolment system will explain why you cannot select your offer. One of the most common reasons for this is that you have an offer for future session dates.

Other common reasons that you won’t be able to select your offer include: having a condition that needs to be cleared or outstanding fees against your offer (international students only). Speak with onsite staff who will be able to advise on how to fix this.

What do I do if I don’t have any offers?
If you don’t have any offers, speak with the onsite staff member for assistance.

Subject and course enrolment

What if I have an offer for more than one course?
You may have a choice of more than one course. If you change your mind after you’ve finished your enrolment, you will need to withdraw from your existing course and return to this screen and enrol into another course. It is your responsibility to withdraw from the original course to ensure you don’t incur a debt for those subjects.

When can I enrol in my subjects?
The date you enrol in your subjects will vary due to different session dates at partner institutions. Please refer to your student handbook for key dates.

Do I have to select a major?
Some courses will allow you to select a major as part of your enrolment. You can change this through SOLS at a later date. Some courses don’t allow you to select a major, so don’t worry if you’re unable to change it at this time.

What subjects do I have to enrol in?
You can find out what subject you need to enrol in by looking at your Student Handbook or by speaking with a staff member. Adding subjects will make you liable for fees and charges.

I’m having problems entering my subject codes, what do I do?
Double check the subject code is correct, making sure that there isn’t a space between the letters and numbers.

If you are still having problems, speak with the onsite staff member for assistance.


What does this screen show?
The summary screen is the final screen in the enrolment system. It is a record of all the data which you have entered to date. If there are any mistakes, you should change it before sending your enrolment summary to your email.

Do I have to email myself the summary and what email will it go to?
Yes, you do have to email the summary to yourself as this will act to finalise your enrolment. This will be emailed to the recovery email which you entered on the personal detail page.

Once you have done this you will be locked out of the enrolment system and any changes will need to be made through the SOLS.

Need more help?

Speak with onsite staff who will be able to assist you with your enquiry on enrolment day or contact your local campus.