Baxter The Mascot

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Baxter - the Student Life Mascot

He's cheeky, cranky, hungry and always looking for some company on the Duck Pond Lawn.

Be on the lookout for Baxter around campus and grab a selfie.

Meet your mascot

Name: Baxter
(named after Sir Philip Baxter, who was imperative in the founding of UOW. Read more about the History of UOW )
Born: 19 May, 2014
Weight: Light on his feet
Height: 6' 3"
Status: Single, but on the look out for a cool partner
Favourite Food: sandwiches, hot chips, anything on the lawn
Favourite Movie: The Mighty Ducks
Dislikes: Rubber ducks, Disney characters, Plucka Duck
Loves: Being a menace

History of the Evil Duck

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