Free workshops conducted by UOW teaching staff designed to help you improve your study, writing, English language, and maths and stats skills.

Study, Write, Present workshops

Includes academic skills and English language workshops.

Study, Write, Present workshops explain academic expectations and teaches students about studying, writing and speaking in the university context.

Topics covered include:

  • effective study strategies
  • efficient reading strategies
  • analysing the assessment question
  • essay and report writing
  • using evidence
  • referencing

HDR seminars

Students can access HDR seminars via the Graduate Research School

Maths and Stats workshops

Maths and Stats workshops are designed to assist students develop their capacity and confidence in maths.

1st year Nursing workshops

“These course-aligned academic skills workshops are designed to help 1st year Nursing students develop the skills needed for successful completion of assessment tasks now and throughout their studies. They run from weeks 5-10, and follow on from the weekly drop-in sessions run by Nursing subject lecturers.

For further details, please contact Dr Lee Watson via

Postgraduate Business workshops

Students can access Postgraduate Business workshops via the Sydney Business School Student Handbook Moodle site.

How to register

Workshops are open to students from all campuses.

To register your interest, select the workshop you wish to attend from the calendar below. More information on how to join the workshop remotely or on-campus will be provided once your registration is confirmed.

Watch recorded workshops

Can't find a suitable time or no workshops available? You can watch recordings of past workshops at any time on the UOW Academic Skills Workshops Moodle page.

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Study, Write, Present: Academic skills seminars


Study, Write, Present: English language seminars

Lilac Maths and Stats seminars