Cover sheets

This resource describes cover sheets and explains the process of locating one for your assessment.

What is a cover sheet?

A cover sheet is a document that contains metadata about your assessment, such as the assessment title, your name and student number, your tutor’s name, and other relevant data. Cover sheets are used to ensure your assessment goes to the right place to be marked, and that the right mark is assigned to you.

If you are submitting a hardcopy assessment, you will be required to attach a cover sheet to your assessment before handing it in.

Do I use a PDF cover sheet or a barcode cover sheet?

Which cover sheet you are required to use will vary between subjects. Check with your subject coordinator if you are unsure.

Finding the correct cover sheet for your assessment

  1. From the Current Students page, click on the Cover Sheets button.
  2. Click on your faculty from the list provided.

  3. Follow the directions on your faculty cover sheets page.
  4. Print out your cover sheet and attach it to the front of your assessment before dropping it off.