Past years UOW Handbooks

Please be aware that in 2023, UOW underwent campus renaming. Consequently, references to the previous campus names in these handbook pages may be present. To identify the updated campus names, kindly refer to the table below:

Old campus name New campus name
Batemans Bay Eurobodalla
Bega Bega Valley
South Western Sydney Liverpool
Southern Sydney Sutherland
UOW College Batemans Bay UOW College Eurobodalla
UOW College South Western Sydney UOW College Liverpool
UOW College Southern Sydney UOW College Sutherland
UOW College Sydney UOW College Sydney CBD

Please utilise the provided table to find the corresponding new campus names if old campus names are encountered.

Student must follow the Handbook for the year they enrolled in their course to ensure the correct subjects are completed in the recommended progression. Students must refer to the current year Handbook for information on subject availability.

Course information

  1. Expand the menu for the course commencement year to display the available options.
  2. Click the link that relates to the type of course being undertaken to be taken to the Handbook page (this will list all the courses available for the year being viewed).
    • Undergraduate – Bachelor courses
    • Postgraduate – Master, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Doctorate courses
    • UOW College – Diplomas and University Entrance Programs
    • Undergraduate Certificates – as named
  3. Find the course and click on the course name to view subjects and course requirements/information.
  4. Note down/save the subject codes for the subjects in the course. Students will need to confirm that the subjects for their course are being offered/running for the year and session they wish to complete the subject in. Please refer to the current year’s Handbook for subject availability.

Subject information

To ensure their eligibility for graduation and compliance with regulations, students must refer to the Handbook for the year in which their course commenced. For instance, if a student’s course began in 2020 and the current year is 2023, student’s should consult the 2020 version of the Handbook to determine which subjects to enrol in and for which recommended sessions, in order to progress through their course accurately and efficiently.

It is crucial to obtain subject information based on the year and session of a student’s enrolment into that subject, rather than their course. For instance, if a student commenced their course in 2020 and the current year is 2023, student’s should consult the 2023 version of the subject to access details such as subject availability, enrolment regulations and assessment information. 

Please refer to the instructions in the current year Handbook section on the UOW Handbook homepage when looking for subject availability.

Looking for a handbook for years prior to 2010?

You can find them in the University Library Digital Archives.

Need advice or help?

Please contact the course Faculty (see individual course handbooks for contact details) for academic advice regarding the course. For general enquiries, please contact the AskUOW team.