Australian Workplace Career Program for International Students

The Australian Workplace Career Program is designed to help international students prepare for employment in the Australian workforce.

The aim of this program is for international students to:

  • Achieve increased employment outcomes.
  • Be career ready for the Australian workplace.
  • Build a relationship-rich cohort and sense of community.
  • Build career resilience and awareness of the support services available.

Students who enrol in this program will also have exclusive access to a presentation on visas and working rights in Australia.

Throughout the program you will work through the tools, resources, activities and online modules at your own pace. This includes submitting your resume for review, understanding the importance of LinkedIn, and the role of AI tools in the workplace.

Students who successfully complete this program will receive a certificate of completion and UOWx recognition.



This program is designed for international students at any UOW campus in the final year of an undergraduate degree, or enrolled in a postgraduate degree. 

Program delivery

This program includes both online self-paced modules via Moodle and in-person workshops on the Wollongong Campus. Students from all campuses can access the online components.

Students must be enrolled in the program to access the following presentation and sessions.

Attendance at the in-person workshops is recommended so you can make the most of the program, meet other international students, and put what you’ve learnt into practice. However, attendance is not required to successfully complete the program.