Interview360 is a free application for UOW students, designed to help you prepare and practice for an interview.

How Interview360 can help you ace your next interview

1. Mock Interviews

Practice for your real interview by taking a mock interview! There's four types of mock interviews to choose from:

  1. Designed for you based on the content of your resume - all you need to do is upload your resume!
  2. Custom built by Careers and Employability
  3. Unique auto-generated with randomly choosen interview questions
  4. Created by you where you select your choice of interview questions

Once you've completed your mock interview, the application will use AI to assess your interview and instantly provide you with a personalised report with feedback and tips to help you improve your interview skills. 

You will also receive:

  • a recording of your video;
  • a transcript of your responses;
  • an analysis of your body language, communication, speech and video quality; and
  • key pointers that interviewers are looking for in your responses to the interview questions.

2. Interview Questions

Interview360 also gives you access an interview question library with common interview questions and advice on how to best answer them. You can also search by category to help you prepare for different types of questions.

Access Interview360

Ace your interview with Interview360

Our Careers and UOWx Student Ambassadors are really passionate about how Interview360 can help you excel in your job interviews. Watch this video to find out how Interview360 can help you prepare for an interview. 

Hi, everyone. My name's Isabelle, and I'm one of the Careers and UOWx ambassadors for 2022. And today I just wanted to walk you through our Interview360 platform, which is our platform that we offer for current UOW students to take mock interviews online.

With the current, I guess, job market and the current trends in interviews, online interviews have become a lot more popular. So this is a great way to practice your online interviewing skills. And Interview360 will give you an assessment based on your body language, your communication and speech, just like it would in a in a regular interview, but also your camera position and video quality so you can really excel in your online interviews.

So we have two features of Interview360, we've got our mock interviews tab. So that's this one here. And we also have an interview questions bank. So just walk you through this first one here by clicking on browse interviews and you can see that there's three different types of interviews that you can take on this platform.

You can take an artificial intelligence CV interview. So CV360 is the perfect tool to Interview360 where you can actually upload your CV and it will give you a grading score based on your CV. And so if you if you've uploaded your CV to that platform, you can actually take an interview here that is based on the content of your CV and it will give you tailored questions based on your work experience, your skills and the industry that you'd like to be employed in.

You've also got an auto generated interview, so it will select the interview questions for you based on what industry your interview is going in, and you can just select that through a filter.

And then you also have a custom interview function, which is really great. If you want to create your own interview with your own specific questions.

So sometimes if you take one of these two interviews, there's questions that come up that aren't super relevant.

So you can actually design your own interview with the custom interview feature, which is really helpful.

And it's also time saving as well.

So if you just go back to the homepage, we can also look at our interview questions bank.

So if you just press on, browse questions,  the questions come up. And we also have a filter by tag function.

So if you click on this, you can filter by the industry or the type of skill that you are going to have you interview in.

So let's say I think behavioural is quite a common interview.

So if you click on behavioural, the questions that will be filtered through are the ones that relate to those types of interviews.

And so if we click on this first question, what would you do if you misunderstood an important communication on the job?

It will come up with a description of what this question is talking about and also your key talking points that you'd want to address if you were asked this question in an interview.

So this is a great way to kind of brainstorm on the spot how you would answer a curveball question or even a regular question that, you know, that will come up like, tell me a bit about yourself.

So if we just go back to the homepage, Interview360 is access through Career Central.

If you have any problems with accessibility or if you have any questions about the platform, always feel free to email the UOWx team at and you're always welcome to book in a Careers chat with one of the ambassadors or our career specialists.

Yeah, we hope you have fun using the platform and let us know if you need anything. Thank you.