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Lipid Research Centre

Mission Statement:

  • To understand the role of fats (lipids) in health, ageing and disease.

Specific Research Foci:

  • Influence of membrane lipid composition on cellular process i.e. Membrane Pacemaker Theory of Metabolism
  • The role of membrane lipid composition in ageing i.e. Membrane Pacemaker Theory of Ageing
  • Membrane properties influenced by lipid composition
  • Role of polyunsaturated fat in human health, exercise, modulation of metabolic rate, ageing and diseases of metabolism
  • Dietary intakes of PUFA, omega-3 status & PUFA balance in relation to health & disease
  • Fatty acid metabolism throughout pregnancy

Research Capacities:

  • Unique, state-of-the-art lipidomics infrastructure
  • Mass spectrometry of lipid molecules
  • Gas Chromatography of fatty acids, ethane & pentane
  • Cell isolation techniques and measurement of enzymatic and cellular process
  • Subcellular fraction isolation and reconstitution techniques
  • Double blind, randomised, placebo controlled intervention trials

The History of the Metabolic Research Centre (MRC)

  • Founded - circa 1997
  • Very active in the area of lipids and metabolism from Basic Science to General Metabolism to Clinical Trials and Disease States
  • Run seminars on Metabolic Themes over past 3 years