Research integrity advisers

Research integrity advisers

Research Integrity Advisers (RIAs) act as the first contact point for students and staff, as well as external stakeholders, to provide confidential and impartial advice to people who may be concerned about a research conduct issue and uncertain about what steps to take.

RIAs can:

  • advise on acceptable and responsible research practices;
  • advise on the options available to resolve a concern locally, or the appropriate University processes for dealing with a formal complaint or allegation;
  • provide general information on research integrity, including updates to policies and procedures.

RIAs do not:

  • advocate for or on behalf of any staff member or student;
  • investigate or manage any allegation or formal research misconduct complaint;
  • manage or provide any formal advice on issues of sexual harassment or bullying. These issues should be reported to a supervisor or another senior member of staff to be dealt with appropriately.

See the UOW Research Integrity website for further information.


SMAH Research Integrity advisers

The RIA role is Faculty-wide so any of the RIAs below may be approached for advice or guidance.

Prof. Chao Deng - School of Medicine, 4221 4934, Building 32.331
Chao Deng is a Professorial Research Fellow who was awarded a PhD in Neuroscience and Behaviour at the University of New England and completed his postdoctoral training at the University of New South Wales. He is a leading expert in the neuropharmacology of antipsychotic drugs, in which his research has been continually funded by NHMRC Project grants. He is currently an Associate Editor for Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience, has extensive experience in animal research and HDR supervision, and has served as an appointed member in the NHMRC Project Grant Review Panel Committee and the NHMRC Early Career Fellow Peer Review Panel. Prof Deng has serviced as a Member of the UOW Gene Technology Review Committee, and a member of the UOW Animal Ethics Committee.

Dr Nicolas Flament - School of Earth, Atmospheric and Life Sciences, 4221 5455, Building 41.167
Nicolas Flament is an ARC DECRA Fellow and Lecturer, who graduated with a PhD in Earth Sciences from ENS Lyon, France and The University of Sydney. His research focuses on the role of deep-Earth processes for the evolution of Earth’s surface. He is interested in Research Integrity, and particularly in managing expectations and conflict of interests with respect to authorship and peer-review.

Dr Jonathon Shemmell - School of Medicine, 4298 1138, Building 41.334
Jon Shemmell is a Senior Lecturer in the Medical and Exercise Science Discipline, and was awarded a PhD at the University of Queensland in 2004. His research is focused on understanding how nervous system activation, through movement or external stimuli, can induce lasting change in motor function, particularly in circumstances of motor disorder such as stroke. In his role as Research Integrity Adviser, Dr Shemmell brings 19 years of research experience in Australia, the USA and New Zealand.

Dr Jenny Sim - School of Nursing, 4429 1551, Building 41.122 or Shoalhaven
Jenny Sim is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Nursing, who completed her PhD at UOW in 2015. Jenny’s research focuses on measuring the quality and safety of nursing care and she is the founder of the Australian Nursing Outcomes Collaborative which is working with external partners to measure, monitor and manage the outcomes of nursing care on patients in Australian hospitals. Jenny is interested in Research Integrity, and particularly in supporting higher degree research students and early to mid-career academics to build research integrity into their research design and dissemination strategies.