Our Staff


Scientific Advisory Group

  • Professor Len Storlien - Metabolism Research
  • Dr Andrew Katsifits (ANSTO) - Medical Imaging
  • Prof Kim Chan (Uni of Syd) - Drug Delivery
  • Dr Micheal Kelso (CMC) - Medicinal Chemistry
  • Professor Shixue Dou (ISEM) - Material Science related to colon cancer therapy
  • Professor Vaughan Carr (SRI Director)
  • Professor Cynthia Shannon Weickert (SRI Research Chair) - Schizophrenia Research
  • Professor Richard Banati - Medical Imaging


Research Fellows and Academics

Research Assistants, Technical staff and Dieticians

  • Ms Kelly Liu, (Research Assistant NHMRC)
  • Mrs Hongqin Wang (NMHRC, Technical Officer)

Visiting Research Fellows (Past and Present)

  • Ms Miaomiao Ying, 2013, Wenzhou Vocational College of Science and Technology, China
  • Dr Sen Wang, 2013, The Affiliated Hospital of Liaoning University of Chinese Traditional Medicine, China
  • Dr Chongsheng Song, 2013, Beijing Huilongguan Hospital, China
  • Dr Jiezhong (Jason) Chen, 2012, University of Queensland
  • A/Professor Guoying Ni, 2010-2011, Health Supervision Institute of Tangshan, China
  • Professor Chuanghua Hu, 2009, Southwest University, China
  • Dr Andrew Katsifis, 2009, ANSTO
  • Dr Dennis Wang, 2009, Guangdong Medical University, China
  • Ms Yizhen Wu, 2009, Fujian University China
  • Dr Yulin Li, China, 2006-2007
  • Dr Katarina Zavitsanou, 2005-2009, ANSTO
  • Dr Kai Kang, 2007-2008, Chongqing Medical University, China