Dr Alex MacKay
Human behavioural evolution, early technological systems, mobility, territoriality and resource distribution, the archaeology of southern Africa. 

Dr Bo Li
Executive committee member
Development and improvement of luminescence dating techniques for geological and archaeological studies, Quaternary environmental changes.

Dr Sam Lin
Executive committee member

Human evolution, Paleolithic archaeology, stone artefact analysis, experimentation, archaeological method and theory.

Dr Gert van den Bergh
Executive committee member
Human occupation sites, the evolution of Proboscideans and island mammals, Quaternary environmental change and catastrophic events.  

Professor Richard Bert Roberts 
Past and present human/environment interactions, optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating, human evolution and dispersal in Africa, Asia and Australia, Quaternary megafaunal extinction, climate change and landscape evolution.

Professor Zenobia Jacobs 
Optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) dating techniques for individual sand grains, quartz dating, Homo sapiens in Africa and their dispersal.  

Professor Paul Goldberg
Geoarchaeology, micromorphology and the formation of archaeological sites

Dr Christopher Ames
Archaeologist specializing in the application of geospatial and earth science techniques to questions about prehistoric human-environmental dynamics and human origins.

Dr Eline M.J. Schotsmans
Funerary practices, burial taphonomy, archaeo-anthropology, forensic science, desiccation-mummification-preservation, histotaphonomy, experimentation, Neolithic Near East.

Dr Nathan Jankowski

In Memory - Professor Mike Morwood
The Mike Morwood Memorial website 

Honorary fellows

Professor Richard Fullagar
Use-wear and residue analysis, history of plant food processing, Australian and Pacific archaeology.

Dr Richard "Dizzy" Gillespie
Radiocarbon dating, modern human colonisation of islands and continents, timing and causes of Late Quaternary megafauna extinctions.

Dr Ania Kotarba-Morley
Maritime and underwater archaeology, cultural heritage protection and management, early globalisation and maritime trade, coastal and maritime landscapes, ancient shipping technologies, land use and human adaptations to changing environments, archaeology of Middle East, East Africa and South Asia.

Professor Claudio Tuniz
Advanced microanalytical methods for archaeology and palaeoanthropology, promotion of advanced scientific methods in studies of human evolution.

Professor Chris Clarkson

Dr Eva Papp  

PhD students

  • Anton Ferdianto
  • Mariana Sontag Gonzalez
  • Yue Hu
  • Rosaria Kelly
  • Dafne Koutamanis
  • Conor McAdams
  • Shezani Nasoordeen
  • Kasih Norman
  • Corey O'Driscoll
  • Kieran O'Gorman
  • Natasha Phillips
  • Xue Rui
  • Maria Schaarschmidt
  • Matt Shaw
  • Matt Williams