Our research

Novel anti-cancer drugs and formulations

  • Development and preclinical testing re-formulated commonly used chemotherapeutic drugs
  • Evaluation of natural inhibitors and novel small molecule inhibitor of the urokinase plasminogen activation system for the prevention and treatment of metastatic cancer
  • Isolation, structural elucidation, biological evaluation of natural product-based cytotoxic agents and kinase inhibitors
  • Improving selectivity and efficacy of anticancer drugs through the development of polymer and nanoparticle carriers
  • Novel delivery methods of cancer therapeutic vaccines
  • Arsenic, platinum and ruthenium anti-cancer drugs and evaluation of their uptake and metabolism in cancer cells using synchrotron radiation techniques
  • New strategies for treatment of liver metastasis
  • Fragment-based drug discovery
  • Biomolecular structure determination

Cell and molecular biology of cancer

  • The role of the plasminogen activation system in the progression of cancer
  • The regulation and importance of the translationally controlled tumour protein (TCTP) in cancer
  • Identification of the pathways and mechanisms underlying the relationship between cancer and obesity
  • Immune responses in cancer
  • Cancer and thrombosis


  • Chemo-Radiation Therapy
  • New modality for radioresistant tumour treatments using the synergy of radiations and pharmacological drugs acting on the folate cycle

Nuclear medicine and imaging

  • Pre-clinical imaging, using PET imaging and SPECT imaging technologies

Clinical trials

Several Phase II and Phase III clinical trials are underway to evaluate combination chemotherapy and new small molecule agents such as angiogenesis inhibitors, TK1 inhibitors and monoclonal antibodies. Involvement in these trials is usually within the context of a participating site in a national or international trial.