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Funding and grants support

The grant application process can seem a little daunting to begin with, but the Research Services Office Grants Team are here to support our researchers achieve their grant goals. Regular workshops and presentations are conducted to keep applicants up to date with current requirements

What can you apply for?

External funding schemes: Researchers can apply for funding independently, or more commonly, in collaboration with other, more experienced, researchers, depending on their career stage. Funding from the major external schemes is typically for three years and can involve collaboration with researchers from other universities, and/or with external industry partners. The Australian Research Council (ARC) and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) are the two major funding bodies for Australian universities.

Internal funding schemes: UOW Researchers also have access to internal funding schemes, including Global Challenges Project Funding and International Links Grants. See Internal funding opportunities. Also refer to your faculty for internal grants available.

Guidelines for grant applicants

The process for obtaining grants and funding can sometimes be tedious and confusing. See below for a general guide to follow when submitting research grant applications. We recommend you follow these instructions to ensure you’ve included all required information and submit the most competitive application possible.

For non-ARC/NHMRC Schemes, advise the Grants Team of your intention to apply as early as possible.

Grants Team staff can provide support during the application process, which includes an internal review of your application.

Unless otherwise specified, external grant applications should be submitted for review at least two weeks prior to the external closing date so that feedback can be provided well before the funding agency deadline.

All external research grant applications should come through the Research Service Office.

Check the internal due date

Please check the Grants Calendar for the internal due date. If the scheme is not listed, contact the Grants Team on

For all ARC and NHMRC schemes, there will be an internal Expression of Interest (EOI) process to collect a list of prospective applicants. The ARC and NHMRC typically announce the timelines for their respective schemes well in advance of the scheme opening date. These dates will be included on our Grants Calendar, and are also available on the ARC Grant Calendar and the NHMRC Funding Schemes and Calendar.

For all other schemes, internal deadlines will be two weeks before the scheme closing date.

Grant guidelines and submission process

 Ensure you’ve read all of the funding agency's documentation to ensure you’re eligible to apply, and that your project aligns with the stated objectives of scheme.

The submission process varies depending on the funding agency and scheme. An application may need to be submitted through an online portal or to be emailed as an attachment with other supporting documents by the deadline. Sometimes a funding agency will require hard copies to be submitted, for delegates from the University to sign the application to approve submission, or for the application to be submitted by the University's Research Office. Understanding the specific requirements for submission and planning for these well in advance is important to ensure your application can be submitted by the deadline.

Application forms

Read Guidelines and Application Forms carefully, ensuring that you provide the correct information in answering all questions of the form, being sure to include any additional supporting documentation required with your submission.

Please also ensure you comply with the funding agency’s instructions regarding the format, length and file types of the application and associated attachments.

Applicants should also familiarise themselves with the Selection Criteria and the Assessment Process of the scheme to which they are applying. These details should influence what you include in and how you write and present your application.

Budget preparation

Once again, please read the funding agency guidelines and applications carefully before preparing your budget. Guidelines will typically include a list of allowable and non-allowable items that can and cannot be requested in an application.

For example, some funding agencies will either disallow or put a cap on administrative overheads or institutional infrastructure levies. These levies collected on grants assist faculties to cover infrastructure costs for staff who undertake these projects and contribute to the cost of strategic research development undertaken at an institutional level. Where eligible, application budgets should include a UOW infrastructure levy of 30%.

Draft letters of support and obtain UOW certifications

Determine if you need to include a letter of support from UOW and prepare a draft for review and signature by a delegate from the Grants Team. Some grants may also require the University to certify the application. The Research Grants team can assist with these requirements.

Submit draft application by internal due date 

Please aim to submit your application by the internal due date listed on the Grants Calendar. Once submitted, the designated Grants Team member responsible for the review and submission of applications to the grants scheme in question will commence a review. They will check the application against the guidelines to ensure the application is eligible and compliant, as well as provide feedback in the form of comments, edits and strategic advice to help improve the competitiveness of your application.

Complete an External Research Grants Submission Form (ERGS Form)

Approval is required for all UOW and affiliated staff (e.g. Honorary Fellows, Visiting Fellows) seeking funding from an external research grant funding agency.

The completed ERGS Form MUST be signed by the appropriate UOW delegates (e.g. Heads of School, Faculty Associate Deans Research) and submitted to the Research Services Office with the final application BEFORE the funding agency application deadline.

This form must be completed for all applications for external research grant funding, including applications being submitted through other institutions, that is, where UOW is not the lead institution.

Once applications have been reviewed, you should provide a copy of the Final application to the Grants team and confirm you are ready to submit to the funding agency. We will check that you have made all necessary revisions and mandatory amendments to ensure your application is compliant and eligible for submission. Depending on the requirements of the grants scheme, applicants will be advised that they should proceed and submit the application themselves, or if required the Grants team will submit on their behalf.

Applicants should note in their calendar when the funding agency expects to announce the successful grant outcomes.

Grant writing workshops are available for new researchers. If applying to an external grant scheme, you will need to submit an external grant submission form with your application. Other resources you may need include FoR/SEO codes and salary scales. The UOW statistical consulting service may also be able to assist with your application.

Additional resources:

Workshops & presentations (intranet users only) 

FoR and  SEO Codes - Please note these codes have been revised, see FoR Code changes 2020 (UOW staff only)

For UOW salaries and payscales, please refer to the HR Services Intranet page.

Academic Personnel Grant Budget Rates

Research Assistant Grant Budget Rates

Personnel Costs calculation -- for use in grant applications only 

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