Core Facilities

Molecular Horizons members are supported by world-class laboratories and facilities. These include Laser Chemistry Laboratory, NMR Facility, Mass Spectrometry Facility, X-Ray Laboratory, Spectroscopy facilities, Other Major Equipment and facilities at Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute

Animal Facility

At our Animal Facility, we conduct research leading to the development of new medications and treatments for human diseases, refinements to current drugs to minimise side effects for patients, and progression of new therapeutics to clinical trials.

Animal Facility

Cryo-electron microscopy

Our newly established Cryogenic Electron Microscopy facility is home to a world-class team of technical staff and researchers providing access to cutting-edge cryo-EM equipment. The Cryo-EM facility currently houses a Thermo Fisher Titan Krios, a Talos Arctica, and a Tecnai T-12. Our team provides a range of services from simply procuring time on one of our microscopes to providing extensive help with your sample-preparation, data acquisition and data analysis.

Cryo-Em Facility

Optical microscopy and flow cytometry

In our fluorescence analysis core facilities, we provide access to cutting-edge fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry equipment. With the latest technology in super-resolution and high-throughput imaging, multi-colour flow cytometry and cell sorting, and high-level technical support, we are able to provide internal and external users with expert guidance in the selection of the appropriate technologies, access to the best equipment, and skilled help in experimental design.

Fluorescence Analysis Facility

Mass Spectrometry

A mass spectrometry facility supporting our chemistry researchers. External fee-for-service access is possible.

Mass Spectrometry Facility

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

An NMR facility supporting our chemistry researchers. External fee-for-service access is possible.

NMR Facility