Externally funded centres

Externally funded centre- ACES ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science

ACES is creating and optimising new materials for use in next generation devices for health and energy applications, in an ethical way.

UOW researchers lead a research centre to tell the story of Australia's heritage and biodiversity ARC Centre of Australian Biodiversity and Heritage

CABAH is a world-class interdisciplinary research programme to understand Australia’s unique biodiversity and heritage.

Externally funded centre- ITTC-RAIL ARC Training Centre for Advanced Technologies in Rail Track Infrastructure

ITTC-Rail is focused on rigorous applied and research training in an effort to solve the current and future challenges of the rail industry.

Externally funded centres-steel hub ARC Research Hub for Australian Steel Manufacturing - Steel Research Hub

Delivering innovative solutions and breakthrough technologies in steel to help ensure sustainable growth across the Australian steel value chain.

externally funded ACEBR The Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research

Addressing community concerns about possible associated health effects of electromagnetic energy emitted by mobile and Wi-Fi technologies.

FLEET-research- electronics ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies

FLEET pursues research themes to develop systems in which electrical current can flow with near-zero resistance that will support technological advances.

abstract digital health image Digital health CRC

Pursuing research and innovation in digital health for economic and business development opportunities, and improving the health of the community.

CRC-future-fuels-abstract-pipes Future fuels CRC

The Future Fuels Cooperative Research Centre is focused on the role that new fuels and existing gas infrastructure will have to play in a low carbon economy.

CRC-low-carbon-living-cityscape-sunny-green-lawn Low carbon living CRC

Bringing together property, planning, engineering and policy organisations with leading Australian researchers to develop low carbon products and services.

CRC-rail-manufacturing-train-on-horizon Rail manufacturing CRC

Developing new technologies and knowledge through collaborative research to enhance Australia’s rail manufacturing capacity and competitiveness.

CRC-autism-button Autism CRC

The Autism CRC's mission is to motivate, facilitate and translate collaborative autism research to empower autistic people.

Senior and nursing staff pose for photo Dementia Training Australia

A national approach to dementia training and education.