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A leading centre for research and clinical excellence

Project Air is a leading centre for research and clinical excellence in personality disorders early intervention, diagnosis and treatment. We have a research portfolio with a national and international focus that aims to bring scientific discoveries to promote recovery through effective response and treatment of complex mental health challenges including personality disorders.

Project Air has been advocating for a priority to be placed on personality disorders.

Key research themes at Project Air:

  • Towards zero suicide and self harm
  • Early intervention

  • Workforce development

  • Clinical research and practice

  • Lived experience and recovery

Partner with Project Air - research & consultancy

Please get in touch if you are interested in exploring opportunities to partner with Project Air to undertake research and consultancy projects. Please contact info-projectair@uow.edu.au

Study with the team at Project Air Strategy

Future research students are welcome to apply to study with the team at Project Air Strategy. Please contact info-projectair@uow.edu.au outlining your experience and interests.

Research participation opportunities

Peer support group for consumers with borderline personality disorder

Consumers with lived experienced of borderline personality disorder are invited to participate in research by attending a peer support group program and completing questionnaires. More information is available on our research flyer.

If you are interested in this study please email research-projectair@uow.edu.au 

Selected research

birds eye view of a triangular shaped staircase Stepped care treatment
lady sitting at table with her head bowed and her hands in her face Impact of personality disorder compared to schizophrenia and depression