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Master of Teaching

Take your degree to the classroom

Take your degree to the classroom with the Master of Teaching at UOW. If you’ve completed a non-teaching undergraduate degree, but want to use that knowledge to become a primary or secondary teacher, this two-year course will help you achieve your goal and make an impact on the lives of young people.

Become a primary or secondary teacher

The Master of Teaching (Primary) is a 2-year graduate entry program, which incorporates a combination of core curriculum, professional studies subjects and professional experience placements, which will qualify you to work as a Primary school teacher (K–6). Primary school teachers will teach all key learning areas (KLA): English, mathematics, science and technology, human society and its environment, creative and practical arts and personal development/health/physical education. Each of the key learning areas form core subject units, which are completed as part of the program.

To assist you in meeting the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Subject Content Knowledge Requirements (PDF) for Primary School Teaching; you must first complete a bachelor degree. You are required to have completed a minimum of 8 subjects in your undergraduate degree relevant to one or more key learning areas as outlined above for primary school teaching. We suggest completing a degree in an area you are interested in. Primary teachers teach across many different topics, but they don’t need to be experts in all areas. Primary school teachers spend a lot of their day teaching Literacy and Numeracy, so you need to be comfortable with those areas. If your bachelor degree is flexible enough, think about taking an elective in each of those areas.


The Master of Teaching (Secondary) is a 2-year graduate entry program, which will qualify you to work as a high school teacher (Years 7-12) in a specialised area. At UOW you will be required to meet the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Subject Content Knowledge Requirements (PDF) and qualify for either ONE teaching area (double method) or TWO single teaching areas (single method). Subjects cannot be cross-counted across teaching areas, with the exception of the Science method.

  • Double Method – You are required to meet the minimum subject requirements for a First Teaching Area.

  • Single Methods – You are required to meet the subject content requirements for a First Teaching Area and a Second Teaching Area. If you choose any single method, you must meet the subject content requirements for TWO methods. If you do not meet the requirements for two teaching areas, you will be ineligible for entry into the course.

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Study close to home

The Master of Teaching is offered on-campus at several UOW locations, so you can earn your degree close to home. No matter which UOW campus you choose, you will become part of one big community. In addition to our Wollongong campus, you can also study the Master of Teaching at UOW’s campuses in:


Meet Sarah

I was lucky enough to complete 2 rural placements as part of my degree, which was fully supported by UOW. These rural placement opportunities were instrumental in me securing work at the end of my degree and they were an amazing opportunity for me to broaden my experience to include teaching in rural NSW settings. I’m so proud to say that UOW has helped me secure my dream job! Sarah McInnes Master of Teaching (Primary Education)

Why study teaching at UOW

Teaching is a rewarding career that can truly change lives. Few other jobs let you have such a profound impact on so many young children. As an educator you’ll play an important role in the social, cognitive and emotional development of your students.

Gain professional experience

  • You will gain real-world experience through placements in schools from your first session. Learn on the job with 60 days of professional experience (PEX), including the option to complete one PEX in a rural or remote area of NSW – or even overseas. Not only does UOW secure and organise high quality professional experience placements for you – we are one of few unis that also provide support throughout your professional experience. 
  • We have excellent mentoring and engagement programs with our professional practice partner schools - this includes two Demonstration schools.

Make connections with schools

  • UOW is considered a ‘university of choice’ with partnership agreements with over 300 schools around the region - including the Illawarra, Sutherland Shire, Campbelltown and Southern Highlands. 

Broaden your skillset

  • You will learn highly practical and professional skills that employers value and can be applied to any profession, not just teaching. 

Be inspired by industry-leading teachers

  • Our academics — your teachers — are at the forefront of their specialisations. They are published authors, expert researchers and accredited professionals, who are passionate about teaching and learning.

Get accredited 

  • Our degrees are accredited - check the individual course descriptions for specific accreditation details.

Ways to pay for your degree

HECS-CSP icon PG CLP 2019

Commonwealth supported places (CSP)

Eligible students will be automatically offered a CSP if places are still available. This means the Government will fund up to 75% of your tuition fees.


In addition to CSPs, eligible students can access HECS-HELP to defer all or part of their course fees.


6 ways to make a postgraduate degree affordable

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Without a Commonwealth supported place, studying wouldn't have been an option for me. I've gained given skills and experiences that have set me up for a career in my field. Lisa Gilogley

Discover teacher education

We are nationally recognised for innovative pre-service teacher education programs and have long-standing international links in teaching, research and professional experience.

Education at UOW - Peter Andersen

When I see my students succeed it just means the world to me. 

I'm Peter, and I teach in the school of education at the University of Wollongong. 

When my students come to me at the University - that underpins everything that I do. So every topic that we teach, that I teach is geared towards helping them, skilling them, so that they can go on and empower their own students 

They leave here as young people about ready to go out and teach in their schools, and for most of them they're making a difference within their classrooms, and it's wonderful when you see them either come back with their students, or you go out into schools and see them. Just seeing them enjoying their careers and feeling empowered by their careers, to me that means everything

- End transcript 

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