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As digital technology becomes an integral part of teaching and learning, we must provide the best support for our staff to ensure they are confident with the latest software and hardware systems. Providing a centralised space that staff can visit to learn, play, explore and get support with the latest technologies, will drive faster integration of these technologies into the curriculum, and improve digital literacy. 

An IMTS, Library and LTC collaboration

The T&T Hub provides UOW staff with a new space to learn, play and explore supported by friendly and knowledgeable staff.

  1. Explore the range of resources available from your own desktop and develop your skills to keep on the cutting edge of information sources in your field
  2. Take advantage of expertise, guidance and training in the effective use of technology to enhance teaching and to improve the quality of the student learning experience
  3. Develop expertise in using online resources – including eBooks, eReadings and tools that will help you manage your Research
  4. The space will showcase the latest technologies (e.g. virtual/augmented reality) for you to try out and explore.
  5. You can also loan various equipment (e.g. laptops, cameras, PA systems).
  6. If you are using Moodle for the first time in your subject, and would like to know more about some of the features in Moodle and other Learning Platform applications, come along to the T&T Hub and talk to staff there from the Library, LTC and IMTS

Bring a coffee and try out the new Microsoft HoloLens, attend a vendor showcase, get face-to-face IT support or just come and have a chat. 

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When What
Monday 12th February 12:30pm - 1:30pm IMTS - Introducing Echo360 ALP
Monday 12th February 1:30pm - 3:30pm LTC - Incorporating New Features (flipped classroom)
Tuesday 13th February 12:30pm - 2:00pm Eddev Network Catch-up
Thursday 22nd February 12:30pm - 1:30pm IMTS - Introducing Echo360 ALP
Thursday 22nd February 1:30pm - 3:30pm LTC - Incorporating New Features (flipped classroom)
Thursday 5th April 12:30pm - 1:30pm Eddev Network Catch-up
Tuesday 1st May 12:30pm - 1:30pm Eddev Network Catch-up


by Michael Organ

Last Friday (June 2, 2017) Microsoft demonstrated in the T&T Hub their VR product Hololens, and the new graphic design package Surface Studio. Paul Hutchins of Microsoft Cognitive Services and Russell Vinley both presented, with Paul discussing a number of cognitive services produces before demonstrating the Hololens... The following notes / links may be of interest:

Captionbot – this is a tool which identifies content in images and creates appropriate metadata. Opinion: this could be very useful regards to our large archival collections of photographs.

Celebslikeme – this is a facial recognition tool which links into images of celebrities. Opinion: fun but of limited use. Facial recognition will have a use in the future.

Videoindexer – this is a tool which indexes audio content in audio files and video files. It is a Microsoft demo site. It works very well in producing a transcription which can then be edited / corrected. I tested 2 videos, including a Kirkwood audio item at present on Content Pro, and found the transcription to be about 60-70% correct. Apparently YouTube can do this as well. Opinion: very useful and a product (or similar) that could reduce workload.

Hololens (pictured above) – these are 3D VR glasses which are semi immersive in that you see the VR image through the glasses, but peripherally you see reality around you. Opinion: very useful in creating a virtual environment within a known space. For example, we could use the Panizzi room to create a virtual space in Hololens which could then be mapped with images of previous exhibitions. You could then use the Hololens goggles to walk around Panizzi and the walls would display that digitally archived exhibition.

Holoportation – Virtual 3D – this is a test product which makes use of the Hololens glasses to create a live hologram of a person or persons in real time and in your view. Opinion: this is a very impressive product which will have implications in the university sector in regards to virtual lectures, conferencing and meetings.

Murphybot – a tool in which you can ask a question e.g. what if Beethovan was a rockstar? and it converts online images. Opinion: fun but of limited use.

Surface Studioadvanced multimedia studio computer. Opinion: very impressive. Has multiple audiovisual uses e.g. in composing music. Gizmodo Review

The presentation was impressive. The above were all Microsoft related and there may be / are similar tools available or being developed. Microsoft is keen to engage with UOW and the Library, especially in areas of innovation and student and curriculum support. Paul is on campus monthly.

Last reviewed: 26 March, 2018