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Global Challenges Program

Building 20, Level 2.205C
University of Wollongong NSW 2522 Australia
+61 2 4221 5116
Twitter: @UOWGC
Instagram: @UOWGC

Drop into the Global Challenges office (B20:201) on Tuesdays to talk to one of our challenge leaders.

General enquiries

Liz Ragen
Administrative Assistant
Phone: +61 2 4221 4261
Email: elizabeth_ragen@uow.edu.au       


Media or communications enquiries 

Emma Leslie
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Phone: +61 2 4221 5116
Email: emma_kucelj@uow.edu.au


Global Challenges leadership team

Professor Sharon Robinson

Executive Director
Sustaining Coastal and Marine Zones Challenge Leader
Ph: (02) 4221 5753
Email: sharon_robinson@uow.edu.au
Twitter: @Antarcticmoss


Dr Tamantha Stutchbury

Program Director
Ph: (02) 4221 5025
Email: tamantha_stutchbury@uow.edu.au
Twitter: @tamstutch