Your ATAR & entry options

Your entry options and ATAR information

For all high school students, entry to UOW is determined by the result you achieve in your final years of school.

These results are usually from an Australian Tertiary Academic Rank (ATAR), an International Baccalaureate (IB) score or an equivalent interstate or offshore international qualification.
All high school students applying for university must apply through the University Admission Centre (UAC) to be considered for entry.


Your ATAR is an indication of your performance across the best ten units you have completed in your HSC, including the compulsory two units of English. Your performance is measured on your raw exam marks and your moderated school assessments, then scaled and ranked in relation to other students; including your entire Year 7 cohort.

How ATARs are calculated is quite a detailed process, however if you want to know more, the UAC ATAR website is the place to find this information.

ATARs are released by UAC in December each year, and although most students have already locked in their university course preferences in the UAC application system by then, you can change them if you need to.

UOW always advises students to make sure that their first preference is what they are passionate about and that the others on the list are just as interesting to them. Never put a course on your UAC preferences that you don’t want to study, and never choose a course just based on your ATAR results.

The UOW Course Finder provides details of over 200 undergraduate degrees offered across our nine Australian campuses, including the ATAR and IB scores you need to gain a place in the degree, plus any other requirements for admission ie auditions or interviews.

Bonus ATAR points

At UOW we have a number of bonus points programs that can see you have additional ATAR points added to your score, with Bonus programs offering points for doing well in HSC subjects that are relevant to the degree you’ve selected as a UAC preference, or if you attended a school in the Illawarra and surrounding areas, or if you’re from a regional district of NSW. All bonus ATAR points are calculated automatically, and you do not need to apply to be considered for additional points, it’s all done for you.

If you’re interested in reading more about your eligibility to receive bonus ATAR receive, you’ll find information on our Points to UOW page.

Early Admission

The UOW Early Admission program is for Year 12 students and can see you being accepted to UOW before you sit your final exams. Applications open on 1 August, but it's never to early to read up on this fanastic opportunity to secure your UOW place early.

Alternative entry options & UOW College

If your ATAR isn’t what you hoped, UOW College offers alternative entry options to students who do not meet the ATAR requirement for the UOW course they are interested in studying. Most UOW College programs guarantee entry to the first year of a UOW Bachelor degree program, on successful completion of the course, subject to meeting UOW entry requirements. Some programs also provide up to one year of credit for prior learning in the UOW course, seeing students entering UOW as second year students.

UOW College offers pathway programs at our Wollongong, South Western Sydney and Shoalhaven campuses.



Last reviewed: 14 September, 2017