Frequently asked questions


How to accept your Early Admission offer:

To accept follow the instructions sent to you by UAC or visit the UAC website.

How to be considered for other UOW courses – in later UAC Rounds:

It’s quite common that after receiving an Early Admission offer, some students want to be considered for an additional UOW course, and hopefully receive another offer in a later UAC Round. This is definitely something that can be done. All offers in future UAC Rounds are based on ATARs and bonus points – and it’s possible to get more than one UOW offer. You may even get an offer to a course that you were unsuccessful for through Early Admission….and the process is simple:

1. Accept your Early Admission offer through UAC

2. Remove your Early Admission course from your 1st preference.

  •  You can place this as 2nd pref, or further down

3. Place the other course as your first preference.

  • Following the UAC instructions on saving your preferences

4. Sit back and wait for the next UAC Round.

How to defer your Early Admission offer:

If you wish to defer your Early Admission offer, and start in either mid-year 2018 (for courses where mid-year start is possible) or February 2019, the process is very simple.

HOWEVER: Please wait until a few days after receiving your offer to do this. This will allow time for your offer to be uploaded in to the UOW offer system –and ensure the process runs smoothly for you.

While you're waiting, please accept your offer through UAC (as instructed above).

Please note that you can defer your offer to study at UOW by up to one year.

Deferred offers will be issued in the New Year.

Declining your UAC offer - Don’t do it yet!

All future UAC offers are based on ATAR and bonus points. It is recommended that if you received an Early Admission offer in the November Round 1 – that you do not decline it just yet - wait until you receive another offer through UAC. The last thing anyone wants is for you to decline this offer, and - for whatever reason - not receive an offer in future UAC Rounds.

At the moment we recommend that you accept this offer, and reorder your preferences as outlined above.

After you receive your ATAR, lock in your preferences for December Round 2 by 17 December. These offers will be made on 21 December.

If you receive an offer to another course on that date, and you prefer to study the other course next year – then decline your Early Admission offer through this portal

Is there a problem with the offer you received on 16 November?

If you see something strange in your UAC offer please don't worry. We will always fix these things.

Just let us know what the problem is by completing this form.

A UOW staff member will get back to you in the next few days. 


Last reviewed: 20 November, 2017