Application criteria

Find the degree, and the application criteria

All UOW undergraduate degrees are offered via Early Admission.

You are able to apply for up to two UOW degrees. 

Early Admission criteria are not necessarily entry requirements, they are the marks required for you to secure an interview for the degree you are interested in.

Criteria for each degree

Search for the degree you are intersted in through the UOW Course Finder site, and follow the below steps to locate the Early Admission criteria: 

* Select your course of interest 

* Scroll to the bottom of the page

* Select Domestic students (in the Admission, Key dates, and Fees section)

The Early Admission criteria for the degree is noted in this section.

If your results fall below those indicated, you may still apply to be considered Early Admission.  

Important to remember

You need to be eligible for an ATAR, IB or equivalent to qualify for UOW Early Admission.

If you receive a successful Early Admission outcome, it is the expectation of UOW that you will maintain or exceed the level of academic performance indicated in your application and interview.

Good to know

Outcomes for UOW Early Admission applications will be emailed before you sit your final exams. Knowing your place is secure at UOW for next year allows you to focus on your study and achieve the best result possible.

You've worked hard. Make yourself proud.

You deserve it.

Last reviewed: 23 March, 2018