Decision Systems Lab (DSL)

The Decision Systems Lab is a research entity in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences. It is an interdisciplinary group of academics, post-doctoral researchers and research students drawn from the School of Computing and Information Technology and the SMART Infrastructure facility at the University of Wollongong.

Research themes

  • Software Engineering
  • Data science and software analytics
  • Engineering autonomous AI multi-agent systems
  • Enterprise AI Analytics
  • Medical informatics
  • Business-process management
  • Service-oriented computing
  • Requirements engineering and Conceptual modeling
  • Constraint Programming
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Knowledge Management

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Australia faces serious security challenges as we speak. So it's important that Australia develop the capabilities for using autonomous unmanned vehicles in a variety of war fighting and war supply kinds of settings.

The genesis of this project was in a sand pit organised by the Defence Innovation Network. So there was a problem statement that was put up and that problem statement addressed self-governance in trusted autonomous systems.

Now when you have these kinds of autonomous entities, how much autonomy should I give an autonomous system? I think this is the kind of project that will be really important for making Australia safer.

The process for applying for the grant was a relatively simple process. We collaborated with the industry organisation that gave us the problem statement. And we collaborated across universities. The logistics and supply side of the use of drones and unmanned vehicles has widespread applicability. It doesn't have to be defence.

I think it's important that the Defence Innovation Network exist and flourish because these are the means by which university researchers can get directly engaged in defence research, can meet the key stake holders in defence, and get the resources to at least make a start. And I'm passionate about the idea that the work we are doing will make Australia a safer place.

If we make progress on these kinds of issues, we'll have done humanity a good turn.

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