Strategic Tailored Education Partnerships (STEP - Industry-Education)

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Strategic Tailored Education Partnerships – STEP

Executive Education and Industry Education

Custom-designed industry short courses, to upskill, advance, and optimise professional development.

At STEP we specialise in developing and delivering short courses for executive education and industry education, specifically tailored to meet your needs. Our focus is on delivering custom-designed short courses and micro-credential programs that promote leadership excellence and drive sustainable business innovation.

We design bespoke and flexible programs that consider and align with your company's unique goals, culture and policies. This approach ensures the outcomes of our programs meet your specific needs, including fitting within your time commitments.

STEP aims to elevate both individual and organisational success. Our programs are dedicated to enhancing team capabilities and equipping individuals with the skills to thrive in the evolving global marketplace.

STEP can help you plan your path towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through professional Environmental Social Governance (ESGs) framework and qualifications. 

Our curriculums are crafted and delivered by industry education experts, ensuring that all programs are relevant, contemporary and actionable. We combine the most effective elements of online and in-person training, offering a versatile education model that accommodates diverse learning preferences and schedules.

We are committed to expanding organisation, team and individual skillsets by developing and delivering tailored industry education and executive education.

Elevate leadership with our Executive Education programs. This initiative is designed to enhance skills and drive participants to new heights of success. They will benefit from learning in an environment where innovation thrives, and valuable ideas take shape. They will learn from a wealth of industry education experts and gain insights that will position them as leaders in their field.

Our leadership programs offer a dynamic mix of tailored activities, case studies, and peer collaboration, allowing participants to safely explore new strategies and share experiences with fellow leaders.

What's in it for you? A unique opportunity to refine your leadership skills, network with peers, and bring back innovative practices that align with your company's specific goals and culture. We can also partner with you to create education programs that are as unique as your business, ensuring they fit your policies, culture and schedule.

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Find out more about partnering with us to design and deliver a sustainable future leaders program. 


Elevate your leadership strategy and secure your organisation's success by empowering your future leaders to drive sustainable transformation and inspire your team.

STEP’s tailored short courses and bespoke programs are crafted to nurture the growth and development essential for tomorrow's business landscape.

Designed to provide the skills, knowledge, and values needed to excel, our programs address today's leadership challenges head-on, including addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). STEP’s industry education experts work collaboratively with organisations and individuals to create learning experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Focusing on sustainable leadership and strategic insight, our leadership programs will empower participants to carve their own paths, build robust peer networks, and lead with confidence and resilience.

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There is a growing importance around lifelong learning, and the need to produce new education offerings to assist people to upskill and develop new knowledge and skills.

At STEP our programs are crafted to boost professional capabilities and give your team a competitive edge.

In today's fast-evolving business landscape, fostering a culture of continuous learning is key to achieving organisational objectives and attracting top talent.

We can develop short courses and micro-credentials across many fields, including – but not limited to - the below. Program delivery can be tailored to meet your needs

  • Accounting
  • Business Analytics
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Sport Marketing & Management
  • Supply Chain Management & Logistics

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If you are interested start the conversation by contacting us directly.


Unlock research collaboration opportunities with our world-class team of academics and partner with us for research that drives real-world solutions.

Our innovative approach offers unparalleled access to researchers, allowing you to leverage our experts' knowledge to benefit your organisation; ensuring you are ready to tackle business challenges through consultancy or partnership.

Areas we have explored previously are:

  • Law
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Economic Analysis and Valuation
  • Financial Appraisal
  • Digital/Social Marketing
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Analytics
  • Carbon Accounting
  • Human Resource Management & Employment Relations Analysis

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STEP 1 - Consultation

Explore the flexible and custom solutions tailored to meet your organisation's immediate and long-term development objectives. Our team is ready to guide you through the options available. Contact us and start shaping professional development or organisational success.

Reach out for a consultation.

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STEP 2 - Customisation

 We dedicate ourselves to designing custom programs that foster leadership excellence and promote innovative business practices. Our expert team will work closely with you to create sustainable educational solutions tailored to your organisation's needs.

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STEP 3 - Implementation

Our delivery methods are as flexible as the learning solutions we design. Offered online or in-person at UOW Wollongong, Sydney CBD, Liverpool, Sutherland, the Shoalhaven, Southern Highlands, Eurobodalla, and Bega Valley. We are also equipped to serve you globally, with UOW campuses in Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and soon in India.  


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STEP 4 - Evaluation and growth

We regularly review the assessment of learning impact, allowing us to collaborate with you to re-evaluate the next steps within the learning cycle.  

Contact our team

Academic Program Director STEP 

Professor Martin O'Brien
Telephone: +61 2 4221 4701

Business Engagement Manager

Mrs Taryn McDonnell (She/her)
Telephone: +61 2 4298 1316

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