Resources for first year Law students

Welcome to your first year in the School of Law

UOW Law’s first-year curriculum and support program experience will give you the best chance at success.

To do this, we foster learning through small groups known as PODS.  Each POD will be made up of approximately 25 students, and the benefit of the POD system is that you will attend all of your autumn session subjects with this same group of students. Our research has shown that this helps with the transition into tertiary law studies by facilitating the formation of friendships and study groups, and building a supportive network.

Campuses POD timetables 

If you are enrolled in any of LLB1115, LLB1120 and/or LLB1130 and not in LLB1100, please contact First Year Coordinator Dr. Kaitlyn Poole as soon as possible for an alternate enrolment process.


"In the first year of law we're assigned into POD groups and it's really beneficial because you get to know everybody in your class. It's a really supportive network."

UOW Law student

Autumn Seminars:  Your seminar timetable in your first session is structured so that you have classes with the same group of people for all of your subjects. This approach provides you with a smooth transition into university and fosters valuable social and learning networks. Classes are kept small to ensure you’re supported and guided by our committed teaching team.

All you will need to do is enrol into your chosen seminar (POD) for LLB1100 and you will automatically be enrolled in the seminars for all your other first session subjects with the same group of students.

Please note: students not enrolled in all four LLB subjects will only be enrolled in the POD that corresponds to the subjects they are enrolled in. For example, if you are only enrolled in LLB1100 and LLB1115, then your POD choice will only be for those two subjects.

Student Central are able to assist with all student enquiries

Law First Year Coordinator, Dr Kaitlyn Poole, is able to assist and support first year student enquiries.

Autumn Session 2024

Below is a list of the prescribed textbooks for your First Year subjects. In some subjects, there are also suggestions about purchasing additional books that will support your studies. Those suggestions are recommendations, not required purchases.

You will be able to access a Subject Outline for each subject on the relevant subject Moodle site and they will contain a list of other recommended readings and resources. Details of the readings you are required to do for your classes in Week 1 (and following weeks) will also be made available on the Moodle site.

If you do not have one already, you may also consider buying a law dictionary, such as the Concise Australian Legal Dictionary (LexisNexis, 6th ed, 2020) or the Australian Law Dictionary (Oxford University Press, 3rd ed, 2017). 

LLB1100 – Foundations of Law Prescribed text: 

  • Greaney, Jennifer, Principles and Practice of Australian Law (Thomson Reuters, 4th ed, 2020).

You can also purchase the eBook version from the Thomson Reuters website: Principles and Practice of Australian Law. This text is available from a range of retailers, including the UniShop.

You may also wish to purchase a copy of the Australian Constitution. The Constitution can be found on numerous electronic databases or purchased from a range of retailers, including the UniShop. It is also in the back of most legal dictionaries.

LLB1115 – Legal Skills Prescribed text:  

  • Australian Guide to Legal Citation (Melbourne University Law Review Association, 4th ed, 2018).

This publication can be accessed electronically via Library SEARCH. Alternatively, access a pdf copy directly online. This text is also available from a range of retailers, including the Unishop.

Given the difficulty of using this 337-page book electronically or as a PDF, we advise you to buy a hardcopy. It will serve you throughout your studies. This is the referencing style adopted for all Law School assignments/submissions throughout your degree.

You may also wish to consider obtaining a copy of the following text. This is optional as a guide only and should not be considered essential: 

  • Kernaghan, Ryan, Quick Reference Card: Legal Referencing (LexisNexis Butterworths, 2nd ed, 2021). This text is available at the Unishop.

Other weekly readings are from a range of sources and will be available online via the UOW Library and the subject Moodle site.  

LLB1120 – Law of Contract A Prescribed texts: 

  • Andrew Robertson and Jeannie Paterson, Contract: Cases and Materials (Thomson Reuters, 14th ed, 2020)
  • Andrew Robertson and Jeannie Paterson, Principles of Contract Law (Thomson Reuters, 6th ed, 2020). This book can be purchased individually or in a package with the Case Book.

Note: These books are also the prescribed texts for LLB 1170: Law of Contract B in Spring Session.

You can also purchase the eBook version from the Thomson Reuters website: Law of Contract B.

As well as the Major Texts, additional case readings for most weeks will be available electronically through Subject Readings on the Moodle site.

LLB1130 – Criminal Law and Procedure A Prescribed text:  

  • Brown, David et al, Criminal Laws Materials and Commentary on Criminal Law and Process of NSW (The Federation Press, 7th ed, 2020).

Note: this book is also the prescribed textbook for LLB1180 Criminal Law and Procedure B in Spring Session.

As well as the Major Text, additional sources will be available electronically through Subject Readings on the Moodle site.


Autumn Session 2024


Coordinator: Dr Kylie Lingard


Coordinator: Yvonne Apollo




Coordinator: Dr Sarah Ailwood


Coordinator: Mark Saunders

Plan your first session

Use the LLB First Year Program Assessment Planner to plan your assessments and manage your time during the first session of your law studies. A new version of the Assessment Planner will be made available to First Year students before Autumn Session. The Assessment Planner for Autumn 2024 can be accessed below.

Download 2024 Autumn Session First Year Law students planner (PDF: 134 KB) Discover other student resources