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The Lucy Mentoring Program matches female law students approaching the end of their degree with senior professional women working in law and related fields, in order to provide a window into their work environment and career.

The key aims of the program are to:

  • Communicate to women the diversity of opportunities available to them and the personal advantages of achieving job satisfaction;
  • Provide an opportunity to work and network with senior business and professional managers; and
  • Encourage active and informed decisions about career pathways.

Mentors are selected on the basis of their career experience and willingness to share their time, skills and workplace with a student.

The role of the mentor is to inspire students to consider the range of work options available to them and actively support these students to clarify their career direction.

The mentor will also share knowledge and experience to equip the mentee to meet the challenges often experienced by women in the workplace.

Please note: This program is not to be confused with work experience. Its objective is to provide a window into the life of professional women working in law and related fields.

Responsibilities for Mentors

Responsibilities  include assisting the mentee to:

  • Understand the work environment in which the mentoring is taking place;
  • Develop an awareness of organisational norms, standards and values;
  • Identify key strategies to successful entry to and progression through an organisation;
  • Understand the importance of networks and how they work; and
  • Learn through constructive feedback.

Benefits for Mentors

  • Assist in the development of future women leaders;
  • Contribute to the goal of increasing the number of women with the potential to reach middle and senior management positions in legal and related fields; and
  • Network with other mentors across a range of industries.

Required commitment

Mentors and students meet together on a regular basis over a four month period to carry out agreed activities. The recommended time commitment is approximately 35 hours. Activities may include the following:

  • Discussions on career direction and planning;
  • Shadowing at court appearances;
  • Attending team or client meetings; and
  • Attending networking functions.


  • May - Mentoring activities commence
  • October- Program Graduation

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