UOW expert commentary (1 July)

UOW expert commentary (1 July)

UOW academics provide expert commentary, opinion and analysis on a range of ongoing and breaking news stories

US election

United States constitutional law expert Professor Markus Wagner can provide expert commentary on Donald Trump and the upcoming US election. Professor Wagner is an internationally recognised expert in international economic law and governance, international peace and security, as well as US and Australian constitutional law. He is the Director of the Transnational Law and Policy Centre at the University of Wollongong.

New coercive control laws in NSW

Professor Jo Spangaro can talk new coercive control laws which come into effect in New South Wales today (Monday 1 July). Professor Spangaro formerly worked as a social worker with people impacted by sexual and domestic violence, before moving into the policy arena. Since completing her PhD on domestic violence, she has researched interventions to address sexual and domestic violence both in Australia and internationally. She is a Professor of Social Work in the School of Health and Society.

New metro train line in Sydney

Honorary Principal Fellow Philip Laird is available to discuss Sydney’s new metro train line. The railway expert is passionate about the evolution of railways and how railway networks are operated around the globe. His research work has examined options for rail track upgrades in Australia to reduce its operational costs and cut emissions. He is an Honorary Principal Fellow within the School of Mathematics and Applied Statistics.

Cryptocurrency is here to stay

Dr Paul Mazzola says the world of cryptocurrency is becoming safer and more secure, but there are still risks as the market becomes more accessible for retail investors. In an article for 360info Dr Mazzola writes:

Globally, the crypto market has grown in popularity with assets now worth over $USD2.3 trillion worldwide. Despite its appeal, some investors have shied away due to the complexity of entering the market. Now that access is made simpler and is merely a matter of lodging an order through a broker, experts are concerned that it may encourage unsuspecting retail investors into a ‘risky’ asset.

Dr Mazzola is a lecturer in banking and finance in the School of Business and has more than 25 years’ banking and finance experience in the Australian, European and Asian pacific markets.  

Pressure on rural emergency departments during school holidays

Associate Professor Rebekkah Middleton can discuss the pressure rural emergency departments face during school holiday periods. In an article for The Conversation Associate Professor Middleton writes:

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports a significant shortfall of nurses and specialist doctors in rural towns compared with staffing levels in big cities. This means many small rural emergency departments only have nurses on staff, with doctors on call or consulted remotely from a larger hospital.

 Rural tourism is crucial for job growth and sustainability of small rural towns. However, for rural emergency departments, school holidays are often the busiest times.

Associate Professor Middleton is an academic and researcher in the School of Nursing.

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