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CROP Research Reports

A Case Study in the Illawarra Region

This research was conducted by Dr Freda Hui and Dr Mona Nikidehaghani in conjunction with One Door Mental Health (ARAFMI Illawarra) and reports on ways to improve the wellbeing of mental health carers in the Illawarra and to evaluate the outcomes of the current programs. Interviews were conducted with the ‘hidden workers’ in the sector and many of the carers indicated that they felt isolated with limited support, faced financial burdens, and lacked an understanding of mental illness. Alarmingly, more than half of them developed a mental health disorder. This study demonstrates how services, such as education programs and the use of technology can improve a mental health carer’s social life and mental health.

Download: Who Cares for the Carers Report

Hard to Reach: Examining the National Disability Insurance Scheme Experience - A Case Study of Wollongong

A report in collaboration with the St Vincent de Paul Society (Wollongong Central Council)

This report considers the narratives, ideas, and experiences of people with disability and their carers’ in Wollongong NSW. A sample of socio-economically disadvantaged people living with a disability, who had sought and received assistance from the St Vincent de Paul Society between July 2017 and June 2018, were profiled and analysed. The research presented in this report is not intended to provide a comprehensive analysis of issues related to the NDIS, but rather has a deliberately narrow focus on the experiences of a particular group of potential participants one year after the roll out of the NDIS in the region.

Download: NDIS Experience Research Report

The public encounter the death-care industry, like many other "care" based industries, at their most vulnerable. The following report is the findings of a study, supported by CPA Australia, to investigate the current costing and pricing practices of funerals in Australia. The report has generated significant interest from a wide range international and national stakeholders wanting information about a range of packaged products and services that limit the transparency of costing information and subsequently consumer choice. We have followed up the report with targeted engagements with consumers, industry, advisors and government via articles in the Conversation, interviews for the print, TV and radio audiences and submission to the recent Financial Services Royal Commission.

Download: It's Your Funeral Research Report

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