Faculty Scholarships and Prizes

Faculty of Business and Law Scholarships and Prizes

  • 2020 Recipient - Anthea Faferko
  • 2019 Recipients - Pham Ngan Hanh, Cathal McMahon, Steven Milliken and Yiyang Val Sun
  • 2018 Recipients - Thomas Farrar and Ben Rada
  • 2017 Recipients - Bao Linh Do and Jozo Frankovic
  • 2016 Recipient - Kaitlyn Buckley and Trung Dong Phan
  • 2015 Recipients - Kendall Dent and Melissa Ellsmore
  • 2014 Recipient - Not Awarded
  • 2013 Recipient - Not Awarded
  • 2012 Recipient - Not Awarded
  • 2011 Recipient - Iris Day

The prizes will be awarded to candidates enrolled in:

(a) a one year honours degree course, or
(b) undertaking the final year of a four year degree course, or
(c) the final year of an approved double degree program.

A prize will be awarded to a full-time or part-time candidate who performs best, as determined by the relevant Faculty, in one of the following:

(a) the three year pass degree upon which entry to the honours course was based; or
(b) the first three years of a four year course; or
(c) all completed relevant subjects preceding the final year of an approved double degree program.

A candidate may receive the prize once only. The award shall not be made if there is no candidate of sufficient merit. The awards shall be determined by the relevant Deans of the faculties.

Prize: $200 each

  • 2021 Recipients - Winston Bell, Jackson Cocks, Baladev Dayaram, Anthea Faferko, Kaitlin Ilijoska and Kaaden Smith
  • 2020 Recipients - Cathal McMahon, Gleb Nizelnik, Ngan Hanh Pham and Yiyang Val Sun
  • 2019 Recipients - Aleksandar Jergic, Pasan De Silva, Ben Rada, Atiqur Rasel, Julia Robinson and Thi Thanh Ha Nguyen
  • 2018 Recipients - Bao Linh Do, Ahmad Khochaiche, Jozo Frankovic, Jenny Luu, Thomas Hayes, Nengqi Pan and Joshua Chapple
  • 2017 Recipients - Kaitlyn Alana Buckley, Anirudh Dhawan, Xinru Yu, Nicholas Jovanovski, Philip Qing An Khor, and Mark Daniel Reilly
  • 2016 Recipients - Brandon Crapp, Walid El Hamad, Adrian James, Charlotte Roberts-Clarke and Stephen Smith 
  • 2015 Recipients -  Melissa Ellsmore, Peter Davis, Kendall Dent, Anna Johnson-Hill, Vilimone Rabuatoka and Adam Vainauskas
  • 2014 Recipients - Nabi Zaher, Alexander Cousley, Adam Reich, Emily Ryan, Huan Xu, Jared Weyandt, Nathan Turnbull and James Terrey
  • 2013 Recipients - Daniel Thomason, Xinru Wang, Claire Wright, Ian Moran, Angie McCosker and Jessica Williams
  • 2012 Recipients - Tessie Agim, Iris Day, Weijie Hu, Lauren Klaus and Tyson McCarthy
  • 2011 Recipients - Iltaf Khan, Michale Longley, Adam Oliver, Alexander Paull, Jessica Pratten and Viktor Tomeski

Value: $3000 for full-time student & $1500 for part-time student towards the cost of their studies at UOW

The scholarship is sponsorship for students' honours year, and is determined by results for the Bachelor of Commerce and application.

  • 2020 Recipients -  Jinqi Dong and Beatrice Aurora Kay Roberts
  • 2019 Recipients - Ruby Miguntenna and Taylor Sumelj
  • 2018 Recipients - Isabella Panozzo and Yiyang Val Sun
  • 2017 Recipients - Natasha Serrano and Mayank Varma
  • 2016 Recipient - Daniel Granger
  • 2015 Recipients - Daniel Granger and Stephen Smith
  • 2014 Recipient - Todd Roberts
  • 2013 Recipient - Not Awarded
  • 2012 Recipient - Not Awarded
  • 2012 Recipient - Lina (Stella) Xu, Jinghua (Vincent) Tang, Ying Deng, Hongyang (Mike) Chen, Huan Yang, Xinru (Sarah) Wang, Linyi Li, Gaole Dai and Xun (Jimmy) Gong
  • 2011 Recipient - Alexandra O'Donnell

The prize is awarded to Faculty of Business and Law student(s) who:

a) demonstrate commitment to the welfare and support of students in the Faculty
b) sustain efforts to support students in the Faculty in a voluntary capacity
c) effective in establishing and/or sustaining communication between the faculty and students

  • 2019 Recipients - Holly Gregory, Adam Karayiannis and Andrea Pejic Mercel
  • 2018 Recipients - Holly Swatridge, Amber Auchterlonie and Hudson Alexander
  • 2017 Recipients - Anthea Faferko, Taylah Maree Jensen, and Hannah Shipp 
  • 2016 Recipients - Kalyani Godbole, Ben Kuzman and Grace Welsby
  • 2015 Recipients -  Gabriella Cofini, Lachlan Hubble and Tegan McFadden
  • 2014 Recipients - Kaytlan Critchley, Madeleine Harmer and Clayton Weatherall
  • 2013 Recipients - Ashlee Capomolla and Catherine Brown
  • 2012 Recipients - Todd Roberts and Matthew Schweickle
  • 2011 Recipients - Casidhe Rutter and Paul Sartor
  • 2010 Recipients - Leah Philips, Adam Reich and Jessica Williams

Value: $4000 towards the cost of their studies at UOW

The scholarship is based on high school work, leadership and community involvement, UAI score and an interview.

  • 2020 Recipient - Saradhi Motamarri
  • 2019 Recipient - Ruwan Bandara
  • 2018 Recipient - James Borthwick
  • 2017 Recipient - Nadeera Ranabahu
  • 2016 Recipient - Melinda Ann Plumb
  • 2015 Recipient - Bolanda Thilakaweera
  • 2014 Recipient - Linda Xu
  • 2013 Recipient - Not Awarded
  • 2012 Recipient - Qigui Liu
  • 2011 Recipient - Qigui Liu

Prize: $100 

This award recognises publication of good quality referee journal articles by HDR students while they are enrolled as HDR students in the Faculty of Business and Law at UOW. HDR students may apply directly by emailing their publication details to Jodi Barrie (jodi_barrie@uow.edu.au) who will verify and forward nominations to the Dean for determination of successful candidates.

  • 2020 Recipient - Jackson Young
  • 2019 Recipient - Adam Phelan
  • 2018 Recipient - Adam Phelan
  • 2017 Recipient - Adam Phelan

Prize: $250 

The student with the highest WAM will be awarded the prize. In the event of a tie the prize will be shared. A WAM of 65 min performance requirements.

  • 2020 Recipient - Jaid Boundy
  • 2019 Recipient - Rachel Fishlock
  • 2018 Recipient - Dylan Hutchinson
  • 2017 Recipient - Jaimee Whitton

Prize: $250 

Students have undertaken and successfully completed a minimum of 24 credit points in a calendar year. In the event of a tie the prize will be shared. The weighted average mark (WAM) of the student results from Spring session will be compared to the WAM of the students’ results from the previous Autumn session. The student whose WAM has improved by the biggest margin will be awarded the prize.

  • 2020 Recipients - Christina Chiaverini and Robert Townsend
  • 2019 Recipient - Harrison Brierley
  • 2018 Recipient - Brittany Ritchie
  • 2017 Recipient - Kristin Berg
  • 2016 Recipient - Michelle Lloyd-Jones
  • 2015 Recipients - Raghed Alnowahi and Courtney Berthaly
  • 2014 Recipient - Rachael Abberton
  • 2013 Recipient - Jade Burley
  • 2012 Recipient - Jonathan Gawthorne
  • 2011 Recipient - Ashleigh Popovski

Prize: $300 

The award shall be open to any student who receives the highest mark in COMM101 Principles of Responsible Business in a given academic year. In the event of a tie the prize will be shared.

  • 2020 Recipient - Anh Quan Ta
  • 2019 Recipient - Hung Ngo Ha
  • 2018 Recipient - Quynh Nga Do
  • 2017 Recipient - Quynh Nga Do 
  • 2016 Recipient - Bao Linh Do
  • 2015 Recipient - Trung Dong Phan
  • 2014 Recipient - Jonathan Gawthorne
  • 2013 Recipient - Melissa Ellsmore 
  • 2012 Recipient - Chelsea Murray
  • 2011 Recipient - Kylie White

Prize: $250 

The prize will be awarded to the student who tops Dean's Merit List in the previous year.

  • 2018 Recipients - Umme Hani, Nilupulee Sharmamalee Liyanagamage and Sevim Kardaslar
  • 2017 Recipients - Mohammed Bhuyan
  • 2016 Recipients - Tasnim M Taufique Hossain, Sebastian Isbanner and Saradhi Motamarri 
  • 2015 Recipients - Heenkenda Mudiyanselage Ruwan Jayawickrama Bandara, Qing Li, Alberto Ordigoni, Nadeera Ranabahu Mudiyanselage, Arpit Raswant and Siwen Song 
  • 2014 Recipients - Erin Twyford, Christopher Savage, Leqi Zhao and Sayyed Mohammad Mehdee Araee
  • 2013 Recipients - Hajar Roudaki, Yanwen Shao, Yang Hong, Liangbo Ma and Bolanda Hewa
  • 2012 Recipients - Jessica Baxter, Leanne Brereton, Irma Fourie, Xun Gong, Tairan Huang, Yiqun Ma, Adam Oliver, Fariba Ramezani Khansari, Juergen Seufert and Jinghua Tang
  • 2011 Recipients - Irit Alony, Bonnie Cord, Cha Li Jiang, Clifford Lewis, Qigui Liu, Ying Liu, Stephanie Perkiss and Duncan Rintoul
  • 2010 Recipients - Sumayya Banna and Kaye Nakaric

The scholarship is awarded to a full time higher degree research student who has obtained First Class Honours or equivalent results.

  • 2020 Recipient - Bayley Kubara 
  • 2019 Recipient - Tahlia Wilson

Awarded for the first time in 2019

Prize: $250

Open to all Business and Law students on the National Sporting Organisation Athlete list or on a scholarship within the network of Sporting Institutes and Academies of Sport in Australia OR a member of the following: 

  • Australian Institute of Sport
  • State Institutes or Academies of Sport
  • AFL Players’ Association
  • Australian Cricketers’ Association
  • Rugby Union Players’ Association
    Rugby League Professionals’ Association
  • Australian Professional Footballers’ Association
  • Australian Basketballers Association
  • National squad members from Sport Australia funded sports

Must be a member of one of the above and approved within the UOW Elite Athlete Program

Awarded to the student who achieves the highest weighted average mark (WAM) in their degree during the calendar year. A minimum of 18 credit points must be completed. Minimum of WAM 75 is required. In the event of a tie, the prize will be shared equally.

Determined by the Executive Dean of the Faculty on the recommendation of the Elite Athlete Program Manager.