Linchong Chorrojprasert

Fellow of the University of Wollongong

Citation orated by Mr Harold Hanson AM

Chancellor, I present Linchong Chorrojprasert.

In 1997, Associate Professor Linchong received a special award from her University, the eminent Assumption University in Thailand. The St. Bernard’s Award recognises commitment and performance “beyond the normal calls of duty”, innovation, commitment to improvement and participation in other activities “for the welfare of society”. These are the noble and inspiring qualities that Linchong brought to the University of Wollongong. Today, we acknowledge the value of her special contribution and pride in our shared relationship.

Associate Professor Linchong and Assumption University have important roles in the development of UOW’s identity as an international institution. Our connection with Thailand is one of the University’s earliest and strongest ties. We have welcomed Thai students for over three decades and built important collaborative partnerships.

Another special bond was quietly forged in 2003, when Linchong enrolled at UOW as a doctoral student. She brought with her an impressive record of qualifications from Thailand and Belgium and from the United States where she graduated with a Master of Arts in English, specialising in 20th Century American Literature. By this time, she had also built a promising academic career, moving seamlessly from lecturer to Associate Dean of the Faculty of Humanities at Assumption University and later the Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

After receiving her PhD in Education from UOW in 2005, Linchong returned to Thailand and was soon appointed as Dean of the Faculty of Arts. She now holds the position of Dean of the Institute for English Language Education at Assumption University. Given her demanding

career, Linchong’s path could have diverged from ours. Instead, she has maintained a continuing and generous friendship. Linchong takes her role as a member of UOW’s Alumni seriously; it accords with her personal goal to provide “quality academic services to the communities” to which she belongs.

The University is indebted to Linchong’s skills as a diplomatic intermediary between two institutions, two countries and two languages. She actively promotes the strong academic links between UOW and Assumption, particularly in her field of education training. In 2009, she became a Visiting Principal Fellow with our former Faculty of Education and she has collaborated in several joint academic initiatives.

Associate Professor Linchong has also been an outstanding President of the University of Wollongong’s Alumni Network Thailand Chapter since 2007 and deserves much of the credit for its success. She has often organised media opportunities for visiting UOW Vice-Chancellors and has spoken positively about UOW in her own media work. We witnessed Linchong’s skill as a public speaker at a UOW Graduation ceremony in 2011 and we are very thankful that she has represented this University at Alumni group functions, including those hosted by Australian Ambassadors to Thailand. Her seminars on behalf of UOW and, more recently the Thai Office of the Civil Service Commission, about undertaking higher degree studies in Australia have included persuasive references to her UOW experience.

Chancellor, Associate Professor Linchong has been a steadfast friend and advocate for the University of Wollongong and one of the most committed members of our Alumni community. Today, we are proud to acknowledge her achievements and confirm a lifelong relationship. She is an exceptional person who exemplifies the University’s values. She promotes goodwill, mutual respect and integrity. She is, at heart, devoted to service to her community in Thailand and to education internationally.

It is a very great privilege to present Linchong Chorrojprasert for admission as a Fellow of the University of Wollongong.